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High Accuracy Digital Pt100 & Thermocouple Thermometer / Data Logger

DP9602 Series

Precision RTD & ThermocoupleThermometer | DP9602 Series

Precision RTD & ThermocoupleThermometer

  • Reference Standard Thermometer for Pt100 and Thermocouple Sensors
  • High Accuracy ±0.01ºC Pt100, ±0.18ºC Thermocouple
  • ±0.025ºC System Accuracy with Pt100 (Based on DP9600-SYS-CAL)
  • Alpha Numeric Display
  • User Selectable Resolution, 0.001/0.01ºC for Pt100 Inputs
  • Data Logging
  • Measures Pt100 and Thermocouples J, K, T, E, R, S, B and N
  • Readout Directly in ºC, ºF, K, ohms or mV
  • Channel A, B or A-B Reading Including Dissimilar Sensor Types
  • USB Serial Communications
  • USB Flash Drive Port
  • Supplied with PC Software
  • Programmable Analogue Retransmission Output
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery/ Mains Powered
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The DP9602 provides platinum resistance thermometer and thermocouple temperature measurement and logging for precision applications in both laboratory and site locations. It is an exceptionally accurate and stable digital thermometer particularly suitable for use with thermal calibration baths as a reference standard.

The DP9602 is fully characterised for Pt100 sensors and all major thermocouples J, K, N, T, E, R, S and B. Exceptionally stable automatic cold junction compensation with a rejection of 100:1 is incorporated for thermocouple ranges. Alternatively, external or manual referencing can be selected as required.

Applications include medical, pharmaceutical, food, environmental testing, R&D and educational establishments.

Displayed values and user information are indicated on a bright clear LED screen with diffused back-lighting. Data can be displayed in °C, °F, Kelvin, ohms or mV as required; nine front panel push keys, the only user controls, are used in conjunction with the display screen. It is this arrangement which makes for very simple and “friendly” operation. There are four input ports, two for thermocouples and two for 3- or 4-wire Pt100 sensors; the instrument automatically recognizes 3- or 4-wire configurations.

The DP9602 can accept two Pt100 sensors and/or two thermocouples of similar or different types. The measured temperature can be displayed directly from one of the inputs or differentially between similar or different inputs. Differential temperature and the two individual channel temperatures are displayed simultaneously. All four inputs can be scanned and values logged according to parameters set up by the user in the PC software; the instrument incorporates a real-time clock and on-board memory. A flash drive USB port is provided to allow data to be stored and/or exported. PC software running in Windows® is provided as standard; it allows programming of custom calibration, remote control and measure and logging functions.

Type: Pt100 to IEC 751 (ITS 90 refers) -200 to 850°C (-328 to 1562°F) Ro = 100Ω 3- or 4-wire connection with automatic recognition (with manual override) thermocouples to IEC 584 No isolation exists between inputs
S: -50 to 1768°C (-58 to 3214°F)
R: -42 to 1766°C (-43.6 to 3211°F)
B: 254 to 1818°C (489 to 3304°F)
J: -200 to 1200°C (-328 to 2192°F)
K: -195 to 1370°C (-319 to 2498°F)
E: -190 to 995°C (-310 to 1823°F)
N: -160 to 1300°C (-256 to 2372°F)
T: -193 to 399°C (-315 to 750°F)
Overall Accuracy:
±0.01°C ±0.0005% of span
    Thermocouples J, K, T, E, N: ±0.2°C from -50 to 700°C (-58 to 1292°F), ±0.4°C from -200 to -50°C (-328 to -58°F), ±0.4°C from 700°C (1292°F) to full scale
    Thermocouples R, S, B: ± 0.3°C from 850°C (1562°F) to full scale, ±0.4°C below 850°C (1562°F), ±0.7°C below 0°C (32°F)
    Note: Type B not characterized below 200°C (392°F).
Linearisation Conformity:
    Pt100: Better than ±0.01°C
    Thermocouples: ±0.05°C base metal (-200°C to span) ±0.1°C noble metal above 200°C
    Note: Performance of ADC (0.5µV resolution ) is superior to published thermocouple table best resolution of 1µV.
Stability (vs Ambient Temperature):
    Pt100: Better than 0.0025ºC per 1ºC ambient change
        Zero: Negligible drift excluding CJC effect
        Scale: < ±0.1ºC in 15ºC
Warm-Up: Negligible under normal ambient conditions; allow 5 to 10 minutes for full stability unless stored at low temperature, then 30 minutes minimum
Cold Junction Compensation: Automatic on all thermocouple ranges; better than ±1°C max shift for ±10°C ambient variation (100:1) or external via Pt100 on channel A or B or manual input of CJ temperature value
Pt100 Sensor Current: 0.5 mA
Resolution of Data Display: Pt100 0.01/0.001 user select for °'C, K and O
Variable Filter: Sampling rate selectable between 4 and 64 (measurements averaged per reading)
Thermocouples: 0.1°C all ranges
Measurement Units: °C, °F, K, O or mV as applicable to sensor
Measurement Modes: A, B or A-B; any combination of sensor types
Custom Calibration: Up to 10 calibration values can be allocated to Pt100 input A & B and to thermocouples input A & B; values are retained in non-volatile memory until replaced by user; alternatively, for Pt100 inputs ITS 90 or IPTS 68 coefficients can be used for custom calibration
Smart Sensor Connection: Pt100 inputs only; correction values stored in connector
Null Function: Corrects differential temperature readout between two sensors to zero
Sensor Lead:
    Pt100: Resistance 5 Ω each lead maximum
    Thermocouples: 300 Ω loop total
Logging: 8000 readings
Supply: Internal lithium Ion rechargeable batteries; mains 90 to 260V 50/60 Hz universal adaptor included; battery charge life up to 12 hours with full charge
Series Mode Rejection: 60 dB @ 50 Hz (50 mV RMS applied)
Common Mode Rejection: 30V RMS applied between input and earth produces no measurable effect
Display: 128 x 64 pixel OLED with diffused backlighting; wide viewing angle, high contrast (adjustable)
Front Panel Controls: 9 membrane push-keys to control all instrument functions
Mechanical/Case: Metal bench top case/adjustable tilt
Dimensions Overall: 190 W x 70 H x 250 mm D
Weight: 3 kg approx
Input Connections: 2 x Pt100 via D type connectors 2 x thermocouple via standard sockets
USB Serial Communications: Isolated, 38400 Baud, 8 data, no parity, 1 stop bit; remote control and measure
PC Software (Standard): Supplied as standard on CD ROM; remote control and measure; log readings to file/download to PC/programming corrections
Analogue Output (Standard): User programmable, 0 to 1 Vdc
Precision Pt100 Probes: 304 stainless steel probes, 6 mm Dia. with 2 m screened PTFE lead and Pt100 probes and connector
DP9600-L250: 250 mm L, -50 to 250°C
DP9600-H450: 350 mm L, -50 to 450°C

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High precision digital RTD/thermocouple thermometer/data logger with USB port
Stock: 1 semana
Terminal block for connection of 3- or 4-wire Pt100s with stripped ends
High Accuracy Pt100 Temperature Probes
Stock: 13 semanas
Precision Pt100 RTD probe, -50 to 250ºC, 250 mm, 6 mm dia.
Stock: En stock
Precision Pt100 RTD probe, -50 to 450ºC, 350 mm, 6 mm dia.
Calibration Certificate Options
Stock: 13 semanas
Calibration for instrument alone (no sensors, UKAS calibration)
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Calibration of instrument and sensor together at five points (UKAS calibration)
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Calibration of instrument and sensor together at five points, after initial calibration of sensor only and programming of corrections (UKAS calibration)
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Notas: The DP9602 digital thermometer is supplied complete with PC software and user manual on CD (download also available), AC/DC power adaptor, USB comm's lead, 2 x 9 way D connectors for sensor inputs, mating connector for analogue output and quick start guide.
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