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Multi-Parameter Input Transmitter For Conductivity, Resistivity and Salinity


Multi-Parameter Input Transmitter For Conductivity, Resistivity and Salinity | DPU91_Conductivity

  • Large Auto-Sensing Backlit Display
  • “Dial-Style” Digital Bar Graph
  • Intuitive and “User-Friendly” Interface
  • Optional Field Upgradable Relays
  • Warning LED Indicator
  • Custom 13-Character Label Capabilities
  • Factory Reset Capability
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The DPU91 transmitter provides a single channel interface for many different parameters including flow, pH/ORP, conductivity/resistivity, salinity and temperature. The DPU91-BC transmitter has the added capability of supporting the batch module for batching control. The extra-large (3.90 x 3.90") autosensing backlit display can be viewed at 4 to 5 times the distance over traditional transmitters. The highly illuminated display and large characters reduce the risk of misreading or misinterpreting the displayed values. The display shows separate lines for units, main and secondary measurements as well as a “dial-style” digital bar graph. The DPU91 is offered in both panel or field-mount versions. Both configurations can run on 12 to 32 Vdc power (24 Vdc nominal)and have 4 to 20 mA outputs. Designed for complete flexibility, plug-in modules allow the unit to easily adapt to meet changing customer needs. Optional modules include relay, direct conductivity/ resistivity, batch and a PC communications configuration tool. The unit can be used with default values for quick and easy programming or can be customized with labeling, adjustable minimum and maximum dial settings, and unit and decimal measurement choices.

Input Channels: 1
Input Types: Digital serial ASCII, TTL level, 9600 bps
Frequency Range: 0.5 to 1500 Hz
Accuracy: 0.5% of reading (display)
Measurement Types: Flow, pH/ORP, conductivity/resistivity, salinity, pressure, temperature or batch
Enclosure and Display
Case Material: PBT
Window: Shatter-resistant glass
Keypad: 4 buttons, injection-molded silicone rubber seal
Display: Backlit, 7 and 14-segment
Update Rate: 1 second
LCD Contrast: 5 settings
Indicators: “Dial-style” digital bar graph, LEDs for open collector, relays and warning indicator
Enclosure: ¼ DIN, NEMA 4X/IP65
Mounting Panel: ¼ DIN, ribbed on four sides for panel mounting clip inside panel, silicon gasket (included)
Field Mounts: Specified to OMEGA™ field mount junction boxes
Weight: 0.63 kg (1.38 lb)
Display Ranges
For PH/ORP version visit For flow version visit dpu91_flow
Conductivity: 0.0000 to 99999 µS, mS, PPM and PPB (TDS), kΩ, MΩ
Conductivity Temperature: -99 to 350°C (-146 to 662°F)
Temperature: -99 to 350°C (-146 to 662°F)
Salinity: 0 to 100 PPT
Ambient Operating Temperature:
    Backlit LCD: -10 to 70°C (14 to 158°F)
    Storage Temperature: -15 to 70°C (5 to 158°F)
Relative Humidity: 0 to 100% condensing for field mount; 0 to 95% non-condensing for panel mount
Maximum Altitude: 4000 m (13,123')
Electrical Requirements
Power to Sensors:
    Voltage: 4.9 to 5.5 Vdc @ 25°C, regulated short circuit protected
    Terminal Blocks: Pluggable screw type 14 AWG maximum wire gauge
Input Power
DC: 10.8 to 35.2 Vdc, regulated
Current Output:
4 to 20 mA (10.8 to 35.2 VDC, 30 mA max)
Open Collector:1
Overvoltage Protection: 48 V transient protection device current limiting for circuit protection and reverse-voltage protection
Relay Specifications (DPU91-R)
Dry-Contact Relay:
Type: SPDT, Form C
Maximum Current Rating: 5 A resistive 50 mA DC
Maximum Voltage Rating: 30 Vdc or 250 Vac
Hysteresis Adjustable: Absolute in engineering units (EUs)
Latch Reset: In test screen only
Delay: 9999.9 seconds (maximum)
Test Mode: Set on/off
Cycle Time: 99999 seconds (maximum)
Maximum Pulse Rate: 400 pulses/minute
Proportional Pulse: 400 pulses/minute
Volumetric Pulse Width: 0.1 to 3200 s
Pulse Width Modulation: 0.1 to 320 s
Input Types
Digital or AC Frequency: pH/ORP input via the digital output from the PHTX-2750 pH/ORP sensor electronics for pH/ORP models visit dpu91_ph. For flow models visit
Raw Conductivity/Resistivity: Input directly from signet conductivity/ resistivity electrodes via direct conductivity/resistivity module or via CDTX-2850
Input Specifications
Digital Serial: ACSII, TTL level, 9600 bps
Frequency Input:
    Sensitivity: 80 mV @ 5 Hz, gradually increasing with frequency
    Span: 0.5 Hz to 1500 Hz @ TTL level input
Accuracy: ± 0.5% or reading maximum error @ 25°C (77°F)
Resolution: 1 µS
Repeatability: ±0.2% of reading
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Stock: 1 semana
DC powered field mount multi-parameter display and transmitter (Requires FP90UM universal mounting kit)
Stock: 1 semana
DC powered panel mount multi-parameter display and transmitter
Required Module for Conductivity
Stock: 1 semana
Conductivity/Resistivity/Salinity direct input module (required for Conducitivty measurement)
Conductivity Sensors
Stock: 1 semana
Conductivity sensor, 3⁄4 NPT, cell constant 0.01, 316 SS
Stock: 1 semana
Conductivity sensor, 3⁄4 NPT, cell constant 0.01, 316 SS
Stock: 9 semanas
Conductivity sensor, 3⁄4 NPT, cell constant 1, 316 SS
Stock: 15 semanas
Conductivity sensor, 3⁄4 NPT, cell constant 10, 316 SS
Stock: 15 semanas
Conductivity sensor, 3⁄4 NPT, cell constant 20, 316 SS, PEEK
Stock: 15 semanas
Conductivity sensor, 1⁄2" sanitary, cell constant 0.01, 316 SS
Consult Sales  
Conductivity sensor, 1" sanitary, cell constant 0.01, Titanium
Consult Sales  
Conductivity sensor, 2" sanitary, cell constant 0.1, 316 SS
Stock: 9 semanas
Conductivity sensor, 11⁄2" sanitary, cell constant 1, 316 SS
Stock: 9 semanas
Conductivity sensor, 2" sanitary, cell constant 1, 316 SS
Stock: 7 semanas
Angle adjustment kit for field mount
Stock: 7 semanas
Communications module, HART® (Panel mount only!)
Stock: 13 semanas
PC configuration tool, includes software
Stock: 1 semana
Programmable dual relay output module (Panel mount only!)
Mounting Options
Stock: 1 semana
Universal mounting bracket for field mounted units
Conductivity Solutions
Stock: 1 semana
*10 µ/cm conductivity solution
Consult Sales  
*15 µ/cm conductivity solution
Stock: 2 semanas
45 µ/cm conductivity solution
Stock: 2 semanas
450 µ/cm conductivity solution
Stock: 1 semana
1413 µ/cm conducitivity solution
Stock: 2 semanas
1500 µ/cm conducitivity solution
Stock: 2 semanas
4500 µ/cm conductivity solution
Stock: 1 semana
4500 µ/cm conductivity solution
Todos los precios se muestran en EUR
Notas: Comes complete with operator’s manual.

Sensors and mounting kits sold separately.

The DPU90-C is required for use with conductivity measurement. The DPU90-C is sold separately.

* 6-month shelf life

Manuales del productos:

Descargar Transmitter
Descargar PC COMM Sensor Configuration Tool
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