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Water Flowmeters and Controllers for Low Flow. Minimum flow is 0.01 ml/min

FLR-1600A AND FLV-4600A Series

Water Flowmeters and Controllers for Low Flow | FLR-1600A AND FLV-4600A Series

Water Flowmeters and Controllers for Low Flow

1.615,00 FLR-1604A

  • Water Flowmeters and Controllers for Low Flow with an accuracy of ±2% Full Scale
  • Response Time of 20 milliseconds Typical (Meter)
  • Turndown Ratio of 50:1
  • Push Button Tare (with Display)
  • NIST Traceability Standard
  • Battery Pack for Portable Use (FLR-1600 Series Only)
Caudalímetros de turbina y rueda de paletas - Ver productos relacionados


The flowmeters and controllers of the FLR-1600 and FLV-4600 series use two of the best studied physical properties of liquids to measure flow: Pressure and Viscosity. Differential pressure measurement, across a laminar flow element, results in a flow meter that is inherently linear. OMEGA™ flow meters measure differential pressure within that laminar region to achieve a turndown of 50:1 typical and the accuracy is ±2.0% of full scale. It uses the same technology as the laminar gas mass flow and volumetric flow meters, FMA-1600 and FLV-1600. There are no moving parts to wear out.

The FLR-1600 Series is a Volumetric Water Flowmeter. The unique method of flow detection allows the meter to measure extremely low flow rates at an affordable price. The FLR-1600 Series was designed with deionized water in mind. These flowmeters are available in ranges of 500 microlitres per minute full scale to 10 litres per minute full scale. By placing the battery pack option on the FLR-1600 Series, it can function as a portable water meter for spot check or calibration.

The FLV-4600 Series Water Flow Controller uses a proportional valve coupled to a flowmeter body creating a unique in-situ closed-loop flow controller system. Measurements are taken within the laminar region of the flow meter and the integral PID controller positions the valve according to the flow set points. The controllers can accept an RS-232 or the 0-5 Volt control input signal depending on what is preferred. Independent of the set point voltages, the controllers can be configured for single or dual output of the same or different voltages and/or different parameters such as temperature and flow. This is possible because of our laminar flowmeter design that incorporates solid-state Differential, Absolute Pressure, and Temperature sensors to determine flow in an inherently linear system. The result is a fast responding linear flow meter with multiple outputs. All these parameters are simultaneously visible with our dynamic display that includes a push button operator interface. Water flow controllers are available from 50 millilitres per minute full scale to 500 millilitres per minute full scale.

Model No.
Water Flow Meter
Model No.
Water Flow Controller
Min Δ P = 5 PSIG
Connection Flow Range
FLR-1601A––––10-32 Thread0.5 sccm
FLR-1602A––––10-32 Thread1 sccm
FLR-1614A––––1/8 FNPT2 sccm
FLR-1615A––––1/8 FNPT5 sccm
FLR-1603A––––1/8 FNPT10 sccm
FLR-1616A––––1/8 FNPT20 sccm
FLR-1604AFLV-4604A1/8 FNPT50 sccm
FLR-1617AFLV-4617A1/8 FNPT100 sccm
FLR-1618AFLV-4618A1/8 FNPT200 sccm
FLR-1619AFLV-4619A1/8 FNPT500 sccm
FLR-1620A––––1/4 FNPT1 SLPM
FLR-1605A––––1/4 FNPT2 SLPM
FLR-1606A––––1/4 FNPT5 SLPM
FLR-1607A––––1/4 FNPT10 SLPM
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Número de pieza/Desc.
Example part numbers are shown below. For additional configurations see the Part Number Builder below this table.
Stock: 15 semanas
10-32 Thread .5 sccm max
Stock: 15 semanas
10-32 Thread 1 sccm max
Stock: 15 semanas
1/8" FNPT 2 sccm max
Stock: 1 semana
1/8" FNPT 5 sccm max
Stock: 15 semanas
1/8" FNPT 10 sccm max
Stock: 15 semanas
1/8" FNPT 20 sccm max
Stock: 15 semanas
1/8" FNPT 50 sccm max
Stock: 15 semanas
1/8" FNPT 100 sccm max
Stock: 15 semanas
1/8" FNPT 200 sccm max
Stock: 15 semanas
1/8" FNPT 500 sccm max
Stock: 7 semanas
1/4" FNPT 1 SLPM max
Stock: 15 semanas
1/4" FNPT 2 SLPM max
Stock: 15 semanas
1/4" FNPT 5 SLPM max
Stock: 15 semanas
1/4" FNPT 10 SLPM max
Stock: 15 semanas
1/8 FNPT 50 sccm max Controller
Stock: 15 semanas
1/8 FNPT 2 lpm max Controller
Stock: 15 semanas
1/8 FNPT 5 lpm max Controller
Stock: 15 semanas
1/8 FNPT 100 sccm max Controller
Stock: 15 semanas
1/8 FNPT 200 sccm max Controller
Stock: 15 semanas
1/8 FNPT 500 sccm max Controller
Stock: 15 semanas
1/8 FNPT 1 lpm max Controller
Accessories for FLR-1600/FLV-4600 Series
Consult Sales  
Battery Pack for portable usefor water meter only.
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Stock: 14 semanas
Replacement Single ended 6' 8-pin mini DIN cable connector
Stock: 1 semana
6' adapter cable with Male 8-pin DIN to Male DB-9
Consult Sales  
220VAC to 12VDC Power Supply

Ordenar por número de referencia

Número de pieza
Número de pieza

Todos los precios se muestran en EUR
Notas: Each unit is supplied with an ac power supply, 1.8 m cable 8 pin mini DIN connector,a complete operator’s manual and NIST calibration certificate.
Add “-I” to model for 4 to 20 mA output,
Add “-I2” to model for second channel output of 4 to 20 mA,
Add “-V2” to model for second channel output of 0 to 5 Volts
Add “-TOT” to model for totaliser option
Use table below to order or check pricing for any additional options
Please specify resolution. This is a 6 digit counter. Example: For totalising in litres with 1/100 resolution the max. count would be 9999.99. Example: For totalizing in litres with 1 liter resolution the max. count would be 999999.

Referencia del fabricante

Construya su Referencia Abajo
Descripciones de las opciones:

(1) Type Seleccione:
FLR para Water Flow Meter
FLV para Water Flow Controller

(2) Code in Part Number Seleccione:
1601A para code 1601A
1602A para code 1602A
1614A para code 1614A
1615A para code 1615A
1603A para code 1603A
1616A para code 1616A
1604A para code 1604A
1617A para code 1617A
1618A para code 1618A
1619A para code 1619A
1620A para code 1620A
1605A para code 1605A
1606A para code 1606A
1607A para code 1607A
4604A para code 4604A
4617A para code 4617A
4618A para code 4618A
4619A para code 4619A

(3) Output Seleccione:
Nada (dejar en blanco)
-I para 4-20 mA output
-I2 para second channel output of 4-20mA
-V2 para second channel output of 0-5 Volts
Notas: No todas las combinaciones pueden ser válidas. Verifique en la hoja de especificaciones para números de parte válidos
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