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Pt100 RTD Thermometer, Handheld, High Accuracy

GMH3710 and GMH3750

high accuracy Pt100 indicator | GMH3710 and GMH3750

high accuracy Pt100 indicator

192,95 GMH3710

  • High accuracy and resolution indicator for Pt100, 4-wire sensors and probes
  • Accuracy up to ±0.04°C with Resolution up to 0.01°C
  • Optional USB or RS-232 interface for data logging and/or configuration on a Windows PC
  • Max and Min hold function
  • Offset and slope correction
  • Additional features of the GMH3750:
  • 2 integrated logger functions: manual or time-cycled
  • Visual and audible Min-Max Alarm
  • User-defined sensor curve of up to 50 points
  • Real-time clock


Standard Features:
Min./Max. Memory: Memorising of max. and min. values.
Hold Function: Freeze the current display values at the push of a button.
Auto-Off-Function: 1...120min (can also be deactivated).
Offset and Slope Input: offset and scale factor can be entered digitally

GMH3570 Additional Features:

Alarm: 3 different alarm settings:
    Off: alarm function not activated
    On: visual alarm via display, integrated buzzer and interface
    No Sound: alarm via display and interface
Min./Max. Alarm: the measuring value is constantly monitored and the alarm triggered if it goes
outside the min./max. limits set.

Logger functions:
Real-time clock: clock with date and year
Manual: 99 data sets (data recall via keyboard or interface)
Cycle: 16,200 data sets (data recall via interface)
Adjustable cycle time: 1sec. ... 1h. Logger start and stop via the keyboard or interface.

Easy to use read-out and display software (GSOFT3050) available as an option.

Measuring Range:
-199.99 ... +199.99°C or -200.0 ... + 850.0°C
-199.99 ... +199.99°F or -328.0 ... +1562.0 °F
Resolution: 0.01°C or 0.1°C; 0.01°F or 0.1 °F
Auto-Range: automatically or manually select the measuring range.
Accuracy (±1 digit) (@ 25°C):
≤ ± 0.03°C for -199.99 to +199.99°C range
≤ ± 0.1°C for -200.0 to +850.0°C range
GMH3750 additionally supports a 50-point user defined curve.
Temperature Drift: ≤ 0.002 °C/K
Probe: Pt100, 4-wire, DIN EN 60751. Probe connection via 4-pin miniature DIN-plug
Operating Temperature: -25 to +50°C
Relative Humidity: 0 to +95%RH. (non-condensing)
Storage Temperature: -25 to +70°C
Display: two 4½ digit LCDs (12.4mm or 7mm high), with additional symbols.
Keypad: 6 membrane keys
Output: 3.5 mm stereo jack socket, choice between serial interface or analogue output

Serial Interface: direct connection to RS232 or USB interface of a PC via electrically isolated interface adapter GRS3100/USB3100.
Analogue Output: 0...1V, adjustable (resolution 13bit, accuracy 0.05% at nom. temp.)
Power Supply: 9V-battery (included) as well as additional d.c. connector for external 10.5- 12V direct voltage supply. (suitable power supply: GMH37XX-PSU)
Low Battery Warning: ' bAt '
Power Consumption: approx. 1 mA
Dimensions: 142 x 71 x 26 mm (H x W x D)
Housing: Impact resistant ABS plastic housing, membrane keypad. Front face IP65, integral stand/belt-clip.
Weight: approx. 155 g

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Stock: 3 semanas
High accuracy handheld Pt100 thermometer
Stock: 3 semanas
High accuracy handheld Pt100 thermometer and data logger
Stock: 4 semanas
Hard carrying case with foam lining. (340 x 275 x 83 mm)
Stock: En stock
USB Interface converter
Stock: 3 semanas
Data logging software
Stock: 3 semanas
4-pin mini-DIN plug (required for sensor input)
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AC Power adapter for GMH37xx meters. 90-260 Vac, with 1.8 metre lead and UK/EU plugs
Compatible 4-wire Pt100 probes
Stock: 1 semana
Pt100 probe class A, -100°C to +400°C, D=6, L=100 mm. 2 metre screened PFA lead with mini-DIN plug
Stock: 3 semanas
Pt100 probe class A, -100°C to +400°C, D=6, L=200 mm. 2 metre screened PFA lead with mini-DIN plug
Stock: En stock
Hermetically sealed Pt100 RTD probe, 1m long, Class A with connector.
Stock: 4 semanas
Pt100 probe, Class B, -50 to +400°C, D=3, L=150 mm. 1 metre PVC lead with mini-DIN plug
Stock: En stock
Pt100 probe, 1/10 DIN, -50 to +250°C, D=3, L=250 mm. 1 metre PVC lead with mini-DIN plug
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Notas: Supplied with 9V Alkaline battery. User manual available for download from the link above

Manuales del productos:

Descargar Precision Thermometer Manual
Descargar Precision Thermometer Manual
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