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Coiled Finned Elements for Round Ductwork

KSEF Series

Heater for Round Ductwork | KSEF Series

Heater for Round Ductwork

413,61 KSEF-24/120V

  • Rugged, Reliable, Premium Quality
  • Preformed Circular Finned Strip Units for Round Ducts
  • 1950 to 5000 Watts
  • 120 and 240 Volt Units
  • Excellent Heat Transfer Capabilities
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KSEF Series is open construction; requires mounting brackets to be fabricated by user.
Elements may be nested inside of each other, with adequate clearance.
Controls. For thermostatic control (AR thermostat) and overheat protection (Type ARC), see Controls Section P.
Alloy wire or bus bar should be used for power connections, (see Section Q)

Heating moving air or gas in a round duct.

Fire and electrical shock may result if products are used improperly or installed or used by non-qualified personnel. See inside back cover for additional warnings.

Model No. Watts W/in2 Dimensions cm (in) Wt.
Type KSEF — Rust-Resistant Iron Sheath
KSEF-24/*19502722.5 (8 7/8)15.6 (6 1/8)3
KSEF-30/*25002627.3 (10 3/4)20.3 (8)4
KSEF-36/24031002731.8 (12 1/2)24.4 (9 3/4)5
KSEF-43/24037002657.2 (14 1/2)29.8 (11 3/4)6
Type KSEF — Monel Sheath
KSEF-240M/*19502722.5 (8 7/8)15.6 (6 1/8)3
KSEF-300M/*25002627.3 (10 3/4)20.3 (8)4
KSEF-360M/24031002731.8 (12 1/2)24.4 (9 3/4)5
KSEF-430M/24037002657.2 (14 1/2)29.8 (11 3/4)6
KSEF-480M/24040002541.3 (16 1/4)34.3 (13 1/2)7
KSEF-540M/24045002546.4 (18 1/4)39.4 (15 1/2)8
KSEF-640M/24050002354.9 (21 5/8)47.9 (18 7/8)10
/* Specify voltage, insert 120 for 120 Vac or 240 for 240 Vac.
Model numbers containing /120 or /240 are only available in that voltage.
OMEGALUX can supply other sizes and ratings. Call sales at 1-800-826-6342
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Stock: 5 semanas
Air Duct Heater, 1950 W, 240 V
Stock: 5 semanas
Air Duct Heater, 2500 W, 240 V
Stock: 7 semanas
Air Duct Heater, 3100W, 240V

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