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100 and 180 mm Programmable Chart Recorders

RD100B and RD1800B Series

100 and 180 mm Programmable Chart Recorders | RD100B and RD1800B Series

100 and 180 mm Programmable Chart Recorders

3.021,53 RD101B

  • Digital and Bar Graph Display
  • 1, 2, 3, 4 Continuous Pens or 6-Point Dot Printing Models (RD1800B Also Has 12, 18, 24 Dot Printing)
  • Universal Inputs: Thermocouple, RTD, Voltage
  • Programmable Input Types, Full Scale Ranges, Alarms, Chart Speed
  • Powerful but Easy to Use
  • Interactive Displays Make Setup Easy
  • Large, Bright Dot-Matrix Display for Data and Units
  • Compact—Only 220 mm (8.6") Deep
  • Splashproof Front Door
  • Fast Dot Printing—6 Channels in as Little as 10 Seconds
  • Removable Terminal Blocks for Easy Wiring
  • Optional Alarms with Remote Control
  • Optional RS422A/485 or Ethernet Communications
  • Pen Offset Compensation
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The RD100B 100 mm (4") and RD1800B 180 mm (7") Series programmable chart recorders are easy to use. They feature universal thermocouple, RTD, and DC voltage (mV or V) inputs, as well as an analog bar graph and a digital display.
Each recorder can print out—at programmed intervals or on demand—the date and time, channel number, scale marking, tag number, proper engineering units, chart speed, alarm value, and complete program list.
The non-contact, ultrasonic pen-position transducer is more accurate than standard pen mechanisms. The wear-free, brushless DC servo-motor eliminates the need for motor brushes, lead wire, and connectors, and is directly mounted to the printed circuit board. These 2 features contribute to the long, trouble-free life of these recorders.
Optional Communication Output The optional RS422A/485 or Ethernet interface lets the user connect up to 32 units on a multidrop line to a single host computer for data logging or input/output of any setup parameter.
Versatile Alarm and Remote Control Functions (Optional)
The user can select up to 4 of the following 6 alarm types: high/low limit, deviation high/low limit, rate of change high/low. Optional alarm relay contact outputs are front-panel selectable. Also included is a remote control feature, which lets the user select any 5 of the following functions through the front keypad: recording start/stop; chart speed change; manual printout start; message printout start (up to 5 user-defined messages).
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Número de pieza/Desc.
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Consult Sales  
1 channel 100 mm (4") continuous
Stock: 9 semanas
1 channel 100 mm (4") continuous with Ethernet Interface
Stock: 13 semanas
2 channels 100 mm (4") continuous
Consult Sales  
3 channels 100 mm (4") continuous
Stock: 9 semanas
4 channels 100 mm (4") continuous
Stock: 9 semanas
6 channels 100 mm (4") dot
Stock: 9 semanas
6 channels 100 mm (4") dot with Ethernet Interface
Stock: 9 semanas
1 channels 180 mm (7") continuous
Stock: 9 semanas
2 channels 180 mm (7") continuous
Stock: 9 semanas
4 channels 180 mm (7") continuous
Stock: 9 semanas
6 channels 180 mm (7") dot
Stock: 9 semanas
12 channels 180 mm (7") dot
Stock: 9 semanas
18 channels 180 mm (7") dot
Stock: 9 semanas
24 channels 180 mm (7") dot
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Stock: 9 semanas
Disposable green felt pen channel 2
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Stock: 1 semana
Disposable blue felt pen channel 3
Click to expand/minimize a list of what others bought with theRD100A-11
Stock: 1 semana
Plotter pen
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6-color print ribbon purple, red, green, blue, brown, black (RD106 only)
Click to expand/minimize a list of what others bought with theRD110-RC
Stock: 1 semana
6-color print ribbon for RD1806, RD1812, RD1818 and RD1824
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Stock: 1 semana
Z-fold chart paper (pkg. of 1) 100 mm x 16 m (4" x 52') RD100A Series
Click to expand/minimize a list of what others bought with theRD110-ZFP
Stock: 1 semana
Z-fold chart paper (pkg. of 1) 180 mm x 20 m (7" x 65') RD1800 Series
Todos los precios se muestran en EUR
Notas: Each unit comes with 1 pen per channel, 1 pack of paper, mounting brackets and complete operator’s manual.
OMEGACARESM extended warranty program is available for models shown on this page. OMEGACARESM covers parts, labor and equivalent loaners. Ask your sales representative for full details when placing an order.

Referencia del fabricante

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Descripciones de las opciones:

(1) Number of Input Channels/Recording Type Seleccione:
101B para 2 Channel/100 mm (4in.) continuous
102B para 2 Channel/100 mm (4in.) continuous
103B para 3 Channel/100 mm (4in.) continuous
104B para 4 Channel/100 mm (4in.) continuous
106B para 6 Channel/100 mm (4in.) dot
1801B para 2 Channel/180 mm (7in.) continuous
1802B para 2 Channel/180 mm (7in.) continuous
1803B para 3 Channel/180 mm (7in.) continuous
1804B para 4 Channel/180 mm (7in.) continuous
1806B para 6 Channel/180 mm (7in.) dot
1818B para 18 Channel/180 mm (7in.) dot
1824B para 24 Channel/180 mm (7in.) dot

(2) Options Seleccione:
Nada (dejar en blanco) para no options
/A1/R1 para Portable handle rubber feet power cord (110 Vac) RD100A Series only
/A3/R1 para 6 alarm outputs remote control (RD106A and RD1800 Series)
/A4/R1 para 12 alarm outputs remote control (RD1806 - RD1812 - RD1818 - RD1824 only)
/C7 para Ethernet interface 10 Base-T
/C3 para RS422A communications
Notas: No todas las combinaciones pueden ser válidas. Verifique en la hoja de especificaciones para números de parte válidos

Manuales del productos:

Descargar RD1800B - User's Guide
Descargar RD1800B - Operation Guide
Descargar RD100B/RD1800B - Programmable Recorder Communication InterfaceCommunication Interface
Descargar RD100B - Operation Guide
Descargar RD100B - User's Guide
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