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Non-Reversible Temperature Label for use in Dishwashers and Other Wash & Hygienic Applications

TL-TI Non-Reversible Temperature Labels

Three point temperature labels provide a permanent record of maximum temperature achieved in Dishwashers and other wash cycles | TL-TI Non-Reversible Temperature Labels

  • Adhesive Backed
  • Attach to Tray / Carrier
  • Remove and Retain as Permanent Record of Temperature Attained
  • Proof for HACCP Compliance Documentation
  • Accurate to ±1°C of Rated Temperature
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Find how Temperature stickers work on this link.

Triple Level Thermal Disinfection Indicator (TDI) is designed to withstand the extreme conditions within an industrial dishwasher and provide permanent proof that a rated temperature has been reached. Not one, but 3 distinct temperature levels depending upon need. An irreversible colour change occurs from white/grey to black; at 65°C (150°F) for standard dish washers, at 71°C (160°F) for a thermal/chemical disinfection and 82°C (180°F) when a thermal disinfection temperature has been reached.

Adhesive Type: Acrylic with clear polyester carrier
Covering Film: 50 µm Polyester
Size: 25 x 35 mm
Color Change Material: Non toxic, white crystalline melt material coated on a black absorbent backing
Application: Peel label from backing paper. Apply to clean, dry surface; ideally a plate or stainless steel surface in the middle of the dishwasher rack. Ensure the entire indicator is in contact with the surface. Remove indicator while the surface is still warm.
Shelf Life: 12 months from invoice date when stored at room temperature and humidity [i.e. 21°C (70°F) & 50% relative humidity]
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Notas: Non-Reversible Temperature Label for use in Dishwashers and Other Wash & Sanitizing Applications
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