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Thermistor Temperature Transmitter
“Smart” in-head transmitter


Thermistor Temperature Transmitter
 | TX206TH

Thermistor Temperature Transmitter

84,17 TX206TH

  • Supports Many Thermistor Types
  • 2-Wire, Loop Powered
  • 4 to 20 mA Output
  • PC Configurable Ranges (requires programmer)
  • High Stability
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The TX206TH is a cost effective "smart" in head transmitter that accepts thermistor temperature sensors and converts sensor output over a configured range to a standard industrial (4 to 20) mA transmission signal.

A variety of thermistor types are available when using the configuration software: select thermistor type, temperature range, units and burnout direction, without requiring calibration equipment. PC configuration is performed quickly using our new USB port driven configurator by simply connecting two clips to the TX206TH loop terminals and following the software instructions. Calibration set up may be saved as a file on the PC for later use.

Alternatively, a single push button and LED indicator allows the user to configure transmitter range against a manually set input condition. A red LED is included to help guide the user. The LED also operates as a sensor error indicator.

Transmitters can be factory configured for any range specified at the time of order, removing the need for user configuration.

Specifications (at 20°C)

Sensor Type:
Sensor Connection: Screw terminal
Minimum span: 5 °C
Accuracy (typical): ± 0.2 °C ±0.2 % of reading
Thermal Drift: ± 0.02 % / °C

Output Type:
2 wire (4 to 20) mA current loop
Output range: (4.0 to 20.0) mA
Output Connection: Screw Terminal
Maximum output: 21.5 mA
Minimum output: <3.75 mA
Accuracy: (mA output /2000) or 5 µA (Whichever is the greater)
Loop Voltage effect: 0.2 µA / V
Thermal drift: ±2 µA / °C
Maximum output load: [(Vsupply-10)/21]K Ω;(Example: 666 Ω @ 24 V)

Please refer to configuration software for complete up to date list: 3KB (44005, 44030), 5KB (44007, 44034), 10KB (44016,44036) 10KH (44006, 44031), 30KH (44008), 2252KB (44004, 44033)

Response time:
1 second
Start-up time: 2 seconds ( I out < 4 mA during start up)
Warm-up time: 1 minute to full accuracy
Power Supply: (10 to 30) Volts dc

Ambient operating range:
(-40 to +85) °C
Ambient storage temperature: (-50 to +90) °C
Ambient humidity range: (10 to 90) % RH non condensing

43 mm diameter; 21 mm height
Mounting: Two 5.5 mm Ø holes on 33 mm centres, will fit a DIN standard termination head.
Weight: 31 g (encapsulated)
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Stock: 1 semana
Thermistor temperature transmitter
Consult Sales  
Thermistor temperature transmitter, factory scaled for specific thermistor type and temperature range. (specify requirements in order comments)
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Stock: 4 semanas
USB Interface module (required for user scaling via PC/Software
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