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Vapor and Gas Actuated Thermometers, Panel & Surface Mount - Discontinued

VA and GA Series

 | VA and GA Series

  • Accuracy ±1 Scale Division or 1% Scale for Gas
  • Brass Movement with Precision Gearing
  • White Dial with Black Graduations
  • Phosphor Bronze Bourdon Tube
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This item is no longer available. Please contact Customer Service for further assistance.

Remote vapor- and gas-actuated thermometers are manufactured to the highest standards for a wide range of uses and can be fitted into almost any temperatureindicating application. These instruments are ideal for remote reading, such as panel installations, with capillary lengths of 1 to 100'. Vapor, or more precisely vaporized liquid, thermometers will give excellent readings, provided the temperature being measured is above or below ambient temperature. Vapor instruments also have progressive graduations and are best read in the upper 2.3 of the dial range. Many ranges are available between -40 to 232°C (-40 to 450°F), and care should be taken to select a range that will locate the operating temperatures within the upper 2.3 of the dial range.

OMEGA gas-actuated thermometers combine advanced gas coil technology with a state-of-the-art gas absorbent (Class IV) thermal system, producing a superior temperature measurement instrument that can be fitted to a wide variety of applications. Gas-actuated thermometers have an advantage over vapor-actuated thermometers in that they are more accurate over the full range. They also operate at higher and lower ranges than vapor-actuated thermometers.

The linear dial on all OMEGA gas thermometers provides a consistent 1% accuracy across the full span of each range. This, combined with over 20 Fahrenheit and dual ranges, from -196 to 649°C (-320 to 1200°F), provides complete coverage of all normal temperature requirements.

Dial Sizes: 2", 21.2", 31.2", 41.2"
Dial: Aluminum with white finish and black markings
Pointer: Furnished standard adjustable
Movement: Brass with precision gearing
Bourdon Tube: Vapor-phosphor bronze
Gas: Nitrogen in nispan coil
    Vapor: ±1 scale division
    Gas: ±1% of scale
Process Connection: Plain bulb, 1.2 NPT union; or thermowell
Note: thermowells must be used whenever the bulb would be exposed to pressure, fluid velocity, or corrosive media.
Window: Polycarbonate STD; glass available on all models
Bulb: Stainless steel or copper; bulb O.D. 3.8" on plain bulbs, 7.16" with threads. Bulb lengths from 21.2 to 77.8" depending on capillary length.
Capillary: Copper, copper with bronze braid armor; stainless steel with stainless steel armor; capillary lengths 1 to 100'(standard length, 5')
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Gas Actuated Thermometer
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