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Low Capacity Tension Link Load Cells
Internal Thread Design

LCM701/LCM711 Series

Low-Capacity Tension Link Load Cells | LCM701/LCM711 Series

Low-Capacity Tension Link Load Cells

  • LCM701 --- Cable Connection
  • LCM711 --- Integral Connector Model
  • 5 Point NIST Traceable Calibration with 59 kOhm Shunt Cal Data Provided
  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • High Linearity
  • Rugged Design for Industrial Applications
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This item is discontinued.

The LCM701 is also available in standard configurations, with 0-100 to 0-2,000 lb ranges and standard threads.Please see the LC701 for complete details, or contact our Pressure department for more information.

The LCM701 models have a 2 m cable with stripped end terminations. The LCM711 models have an integral connector on the body. These stainless steel load cells are ideal for measuring in-line tension forces. Applications include cables, cranes, support rods, engine test beds and industrial weighing.

Output: 3 mV/V ±0.25% FSO
Excitation: 10 Vdc (15V max)
   >50 kgf: ±0.10% FSO
   ≤50 kgf: ±0.20% FSO
Hysteresis: ±0.10% FSO
Repeatability: ±0.05% FSO
Zero Balance: ±1.0% FSO
Operating Temp. Range: -46 to 121°C (-50 to 250°F)
Compensated Temp. Range: 16 to 71°C (60 to 160°F)
Thermal Effects:
   Zero: ±0.0045% FSO/°C
   Span: ±0.007% rdg/°C
Safe Overload: 150% of capacity
Ultimate Overload: 300% of capacity
Bridge Resistance: 350 Ω
Full Scale Deflection: 0.025 to 0.102 mm (0.001 to 0.004")
Protection?Class: IP65
Construction: Stainless steel
   LC701/LCM701: 1.8 m (6') insulated 4-conductor shielded cable
   LC711/LCM711: DT02H-10-6P integral connector
Mating connector, LC711/LCM711: PT06F10-6S, sold separately
Weight: 0.45 kg (1 lb)
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Cable Connection Models
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50 kgf Cable style tension link
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500 kgf Cable style tension link
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1000 kgf Cable style tension link
Integral Connector Models
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50 kgf Connector style tension link
Consult Sales  
500 kgf Connector style tension link
Consult Sales  
1000 kgf Connector style tension link
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Mating connector - sold separately
Stock: En stock
DIN Rail Mounted Signal Conditioner/Transmitter with Excitation & Remote Tare Input. 10-48 Vdc powered
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