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Sensor Power Supply Module  - Discontinued


 | OM-320-PSM-2

  • Field Sensor Power - Current Loops and/or Voltage Excitation Source
  • Powered from System Batteries or External Power
  • Installs into OM-320, OMP-MNL and OMP-MODL Data Logging Systems
  • Control Input for ON/OFF Output Control via Software
  • Field Programmable Output Voltages: 5, 10, 15 and 24 Vdc
  • Low Power Design for Optimum Battery Life


The PSM-2 Power Supply Module provides excitation power for sensors used with the OM-320, OMP-MNL and OMP-MODL dataloggers. The PSM-2 can supply 100 mA of current … sufficient to power up to five 4 to 20 mA loops. Alternatively it can be used as a voltage source for sensor excitation. A 5 Vdc output is standard and one additional output is available which can be jumper programmed in the field for 10, 15 or 24 Vdc output. Four standard versions of the PSM-2 are available for use with the OM-320, OMP-MNL and OMP-MODL dataloggers or as a stand-alone module. The PSM-2 draws its power from the standard datalogger D-cells or an external supply. The PSM-2 outputs are cycled ON/OFF by a software controlled low-level 5 Vdc input from the associated datalogger which provides power only as required for sampling and minimizes power consumption and maximizes battery life. An LED indicator lights when the outputs are ON. Sensor excitation is easily programmed into the datalogger via the HyperWare software supplied with the datalogger.

For complete product specifications see the detailed data sheet in the related section below.
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Consult Sales  
Metal case housed stand-alone module for door mounted installation into the OM-320 datalogger
Consult Sales  
Power supply module mounted into OMP-MODL stacking frame for installation into the OMP-MNL or OMP-MODL datalogger stacks. Typically specified if sensor power is desired but the OMP-MNL-BATT (six D-cell battery pack) module is not.
Consult Sales  
Power supply module incorporated into the OMP-MNL-BATT module (six D-cell battery pack.)
Consult Sales  
Stand-alone portable power supply module including 6 D-cells which can be used to provide sensor and loop excitation and instrument power for other data acquisition equipment.
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Notas: Power supply modules are supplied with complete operator’s manual.
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