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High Accuracy PCI Thermocouple/Multifunction Data Acquisition Systems - Discontinued


High Accuracy PCI Thermocouple/Multifunction Data Acquisition Systems | OMB-DAQTEMP Series

  • Includes a PCI Plug-n-Play Card, Screw-Terminal/Signal Conditioning Pod, Cable and Extensive Software Support
  • 14 Thermocouple Input Channels
  • Supports Thermocouple Types J, K, S, T, B, E, N, R
  • 7 Differential Voltage Inputs, with 13 Programmable Ranges from +156 mV to +10V Input
  • 200K Readings Per Second - No Averaging Required*
  • 24 Digital I/O Lines
  • 4 Frequency/Pulse Counting Input Channels
  • 4 Channel 16 bit/100K Hz Analog Outputs
  • 100% Digital Calibration
  • DaqView Software for Effortless Set Up, Acquisition, and Real-Time Data Viewing
  • Drivers for DASYLab, LabView, Visual Basic, C++
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The OMB-DAQTEMP series has been discontinued. Please see the OMB-DAQ-TC-RACK as a possible alternative or contact our Application Engineering department for details.

The OMB-DAQTEMP-14A data acquisition card provides a total hardware/software/signal conditioning solution for highaccuracy, high speed temperature, voltage, frequency, and pulse counting measurements, plus digital I/O and analog output.

A diversified software is included with the OMB-DAQTEMP-14A, including DaqView software, plus drivers for DASYLab, LabView, and Windowsbased languages including Visual Basic and C++.

OMB-DAQTEMP-14A hardware is comprised of a plug-n-play PCI board, 3 ft cable, and a screw terminal/signal conditioning pod. Cold-junction compensation is built-in to the OMB-DAQTEMP-14A, providing highly accurate thermocouple measurements, with channel-to-channel variation and noise typically less than 0.2°C, and absolute accuracy typically better than 1.0°C. This is accomplished by having a separate low-noise, bandwidth-limited amplifier per thermocouple channel. OMB-DAQTEMP-14A provides 14 thermocouple input channels. All power for the OMB-DAQTEMP-14A is derived from the PC, so there is no need for external power supplies or transformers.

In addition to thermocouple inputs, OMB-DAQTEMP-14A also provides 7 differential voltage input channels, with 16 bit resolution and programmable full scale input ranges from +156 mV to +10 V. The 4 frequency input channels can measure frequency or count pulses up to 10 MHz. Two timer output channels are capable of generating square outputs up to 1 MHz.

Twenty four digital I/O lines are also included, which can be programmed in 8 bit groups as either inputs or outputs.

The 16 bit/100K Hz analog outputs can be used to generate waveforms, with a virtually infinite waveform output length possible from PC memory.

All inputs and outputs are accessed via convenient screw terminals located on the signal conditioning pod. The cover of the signal conditioning pod is easily removable to gain access the screw terminals for signal connections.

The included DaqView software allows you to verify signal connections, acquire and save data to disk, and graphically view realtime data within moments of taking your installing your system. Easily set up all your hardware, acquisition, and display parameters, without programming, via a simple spreadsheet-style screen. DaqView is a full featured acquisition and display application that provides all the functionality you’ll need for many datalogging applications.

DaqViewXL is an optional Excel add-in that provides complete data acquisition functionality. Seamlessly integrated into Excel’s tool palette, DaqViewXL provides you with the same comprehensive acquisition and display capabilities as DaqView. Excel is an ideal tool for test engineers because it provides a variety of graph and charting functions for presenting data in a graphical format, as well as mathematical and analysis functions such as FFTs. Excel’s ability to retrieve and manipulate previously acquired data in a spreadsheet format and DaqViewXL’s advanced data acquisition functions form a comprehensive data acquisition solution.


Supply Voltage Range: 4.75 Vdc to 5.25 Vdc (from PCI Bus)
Power Consumption: 5.5 W
Operating Temperature: 0 to 60°C (32 to 140°F)
Storage Temperature: 40 to 80°C (-40 to 176°F)
Relative Humidity: 0 to 95%, non-condensing
Vibration: MIL STD 810E
PCI Board Dimensions: 165 W x 15 D x 108 mm H (6.5 x 0.6 x 4.2")
Signal Conditioning/Screw Terminal Pod Dimensions:
86 W x 240 D x 42 mm H 3.4 x 9.44 x 1.65")

Successive approximation Resolution: 16-bit
Conversion Time: 5 µs
Maximum Sample Rate: 200 kHz
Nonlinearity (Integral): ±1 LSB
Nonlinearity (Differential): No missing codes

7 differential inputs, programmable on a per-channel basis for unipolar or bipolar
Ranges: Software or sequencer selectable on a per-channel basis;
0 to10 V, 0 to 5 V, 0 to 2.5 V, 0 to1.25 V, 0 to 0.625 V, 0 to 0.3125 V, ±10 V, ±5 V,
±2.5 V, ±1.25 V, ±0.625 V, ±0.3125 V, ±0.156 V
Voltage Accuracy: One year, 0 to 35°C (exclusive of noise); for full-scale input ranges from 2.5 V to 10V, accuracy is 0.015% of reading +0.005% of range. For full-scale input ranges from 312 mV to 1.25 V, accuracy is 0.015% of reading +0.008% of range. For full-scale input of 156 mV, accuracy is 0.02% of reading +0.008% of range.
Bandwidth: 500 kHz
Settling Time: 5 us to 1 LSB for full-scale step
Temperature Coefficient: ±(10ppm +0.3 LSB)/°C
Input Impedance: 20M Ohm (differential)
Bias Current: <1nA (0 to 35°C)
Common Mode Rejection: 86 dB, DC to 60 Hz for gains <=8;>100 dB for gains >=16
Maximum Input Voltage: ±11V relative to analog common
Over-Voltage Protection: ±35V
Crosstalk: 100 dB DC to 60 Hz; 86 dB @10 kHz

14 differential TC inputs
TC Types: J,K,S,T,E,B R,N, or mV input
Input Voltage Range: ±100 mV
Input Impedance: 40 M .
Input Bandwidth: 4 Hz
Input Bias Current: 10 nA
CMRR: 100dB typ
Over Voltage Protection: ±40 V
Voltage Accuracy: ±(0.2%of rdg +50 µV)
TC Accuracy: See PDF Valid for one year,18°C to 28°C.
Minimum TC resolution: 0.1 °C for all TC types

Temperature,voltage,digital and frequency inputs can be scanned synchronously,based on either an internal programmable timer,or an external clock source.Analog and digital outputs can be synchronized to either of these clocks.

Scan Clock Sources: 2
1. Internal,programmable from 5 µs to 5.96 hours in 5 us steps
2. External,TTL level input up to 200 kHz max

External Acquisition Scan Clock Input Maximum Rate: 200 kHz
Clock Signal Range: 0 to 5 V
Minimum Pulse Width: 50 ns high, 50 ns low

TRIGGERING Trigger Sources:
6,individually selectable for starting and stopping an acquisition.Stop acquisition can occur on a different channel than start acquisition;stop acquisition can be triggered via modes 2,4,5 or 6 described below.Pre-trigger is supported with fixed or variable pre-trigger periods.

1.Single-Channel Analog Hardware Trigger
Any voltage or TC input channel can be software programmed to be the analog trigger channel

Input Signal Range: -10 to 10 V max
Trigger Level: Programmable (11-bit resolution)
Hysteresis: Programmable (11-bit resolution)
Latency: 5 us max

2. Single-Channel Analog Software Trigger
Any voltage or TC input channel can be selected as the software trigger channel.If the trigger channel is a thermocouple,then the driver automatically compensates for the delay required to obtain the reading, resulting in a maximum latency of one scan period.

3. Single-Channel Digital Trigger
A separate digital input is provided for digital triggering
Input Signal Range: -15 to 15 V
Trigger Level: TTL
Min Pulse Width: 50 ns high,50 ns low
Latency: 5 us max

4. Digital Pattern Triggering
8-or 16-bit pattern triggering on the digital input port.Programmable for trigger on equal, above, below, or within/outside of a window. Individual bits can be masked for I don ’t care condition
Latency: One scan period max

5. Counter/Totalizer Triggering
Counter/totalizer inputs can trigger an acquisition.User can select to trigger on a frequency or on total counts that are equal,above,below, or within/outside of a window
Latency: One scan period, max.

6. Software Triggering
Trigger can be initiated under program control

Up to four analog output channels can be updated synchronously relative to scanned inputs,and clocked from either an internal onboard clock,or an external clock source.Analog outputs can also be updated asynchronously,independent of any other scanning in the system

Channels: 4
Resolution: 16 bits
Output Voltage Range: ±10 V
Output Current: ±10 mA
Offset Error: ±0.0045 V max
Gain Error: ±0.01%
Update Rate: 100 kHz max, 1.5 Hz min (no minimum with external clock)
Settling Time: 10 us max to 1 LSB for full-scale step
Clock Sources: 4, programmable
1. Onboard D/A clock,independent of scanning input clock
2. Onboard scanning input clock
3. External D/A input clock, independent of external scanning input clock
4. External scanning input clock

Counter inputs can be scanned synchronously along with voltage, TC and digital scanned inputs,based either on internal programmable timer,or an external clock source. Counters can be configured to clear when read,or to totalize and clear under program control

Channels: 4 x 16-bit; cascadable as 2 x 32-bit
Frequency Measurement Rate: 10 MHz max
Input Signal Range: -15 to 15 V
Trigger Level:TTL
Minimum Pulse Width: 50 ns high, 50 ns low
Frequency/Pulse Generators
2 x 16-bit
Output Waveform: Square wave
Output Rate: 1 MHz base rate divided by 1 to 65535 (programmable)
High-Level Output Voltage:
2.0 V min @-3.75 mA;
3.0 V min @-2.5 mA
Low-Level Output Voltage:
0.4 V max @2.5 mA

DIGITAL I/O Channels: 24
I/O Levels: TTL
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Data acquistion board with 14 differential thermocouple inputs, 7 differential voltage inputs plus 4 analog outputs
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Data acquisition software for Microsoft Excel (provides a direct link from DaqView into Excel spreadsheets)
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Notas: All OMB-DAQTEMP14A systems include PCI measurement board, 0.9 m (3')cable, signal conditioning pod, documentation is included on the CD ROM supplied with the system. Additional I/O provided with every system inputs, 24 digital I/O, 4 counter inputs, 2 timer outputs and 4 analog outputs. Software included with the OMB-DaqView, Windows drivers for Visual Basic and C++, and drivers for LabView and DASYLab.
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