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Model Description
17000/18000 Series Cartridge and Immersion Temperature Controllers
19MJP Series 19 inch Rack Panels with Miniature Thermocouple Sockets
19SJP Series 19 inch Socket Panels with Standard Thermocouple Connectors
19TJP Series 19 inch Jack Panels 3-Prong Connectors
Series 19UJP Paneles de tomas universales de 483 mm (19").
Compatibles con conectores estándar y miniatura
1PT100FR, 1PT500FR,1PT1000FR, 2PT100FR 2PT500FR and 2PT1000FR Platinum Resistance Temperature Detector
1PT100G, 2PT100G Glass Wire Wound Platinum RTD Elements - Class B
1PT100K, 2PT100K, A2102, A2105, A2132, A2142 and H2104 Ceramic Wire Wound Platinum RTD Elements - Class B
1PT100KN and 2PT100KN Ceramic Wire Wound Platinum RTD Elements - Class A
21 Series Non-Reversible Temperature Indicating Labels
260 Commodity Series High Volume Low Cost Popular Commodity Thermowells
Serie 304-(*) y INC-(*) Cable mineral de Inconel o Acero Inoxidable
304-(*) -DUAL and INC-(*)-DUAL Series Dual OMEGACLAD® Mineral Insulated Cable 4 Wire Thermocouple Wire Metal Sheath MI Cable with MgO
304-(*) -MM and INC-(*)-MM Series OMEGACLAD® Mineral Insulated Thermocouple Cable
304-(*)-DUAL and INC-(*)-DUAL Series Series Metric Dual OMEGACLAD Thermocouple Wire
316-RTD-4W-MO-250 RTD Mineral Insulated Cable, 2, 3, 4 or 6 Conductor. RTD MI Cable
44000 Series Thermistor Elements
Linear Thermistors Linear Thermistor Components, Probes, and Applications
Series 445L Standard Threaded Well for Industrial Glass Thermometers
4A-(*),4B-(*) and 4C-(*) Non-Reversible OMEGALABEL® Temperature Monitors, 4 Temperatures Per Label
Series 4(*)X, 8(*)X, 12(*)X,16(*)X, 20(*)X y 24(*)X Cable termopar de extensión multipar
55000 Series Glass Encapsulated Thermistors
Paquete de 5
Termopares aislados, listos para utilizarse
5 Pack RTD Elements OMEGA® Thin Film DIN Class B Elements
Serie 5-TC Termopares aislados con conductores pelados
6M Series Non-Reversible OMEGALABEL® Temperature Monitors, Models 6MA-(*) and 6MB-(*)
Series 868 and 869 RTD Thermometers
Sondas de termopares de superficie serie 88000 Sondas termopar de superficie
88000 Series Probe Dimensions Dimensions for 88000 Series Probes
Series 88000 Sondas termopar de superficie para alta temperatura
Series 88000 Sondas termopar de superficie e inserción
N.º de modelo 88203(*)-IEC y N.º de modelo 98203(*)-IEC con cabeza giratoria Sonda termopar de superficie con ruedas
Series 88000 Sondas termopar de superficie para tubos
Serie 88300/88400 Termopares planos y finos
8800PC-K Pipe Clamp Thermocouple
Serie 88310(*) Termopares de penetración con punta hipodérmica. Modelos 88310K y 88310E
Sonda de penetración robusta 88311(*) & 88312 Termopar de penetración robusto con mango en T
88313 Sonda de penetración robusta de termopar
Series 88401 Sondas de termopar magnéticas
88L40K y 88L75K Sondas termopar de superficie tipo hoja para mediciones instantánea de superficies planas
8M Series Non-Reversible OMEGALABEL® Temperature Monitors
Models 8MA-(*) and 8MB-(*)
A and R Series DialTempTM, Bi-Metal Stem Thermometers, 3" Heads
A(*)P and A(*)PF Series Compost Thermometers with 12 to 72" Long Stems
AD590 Series Solid State Temperature Sensor Models AD590J and AD590K
ADR and ADF Adjustable Depth Armored Thermocouples
Series BARE, SH, DH y OV Cable de termopar desnudo y con hebra cerámica
BBS, BBP, RLNC and RLNI Heater Wiring Accessories: Ring Terminals, Butt-Splice Terminals, Twist-On Connectors and Bus Bars
BE Series Non-Reversible Temperature Indicating Labels
BG18 Bargraph Displays, Horizontal or Vertical Scale
BOS Series Benchtop Oscilloscope
BRLK y SSLK Acoplamientos de inserción
Serie BT Termopares estilo bayonera con cable blinado
BTH Series Solid Probe Bayonet Style with Stainless Steel Cable
BTTF Series Extruder Thin Film RTD Probes with Bayonet Fittings
BU Series Non-Reversible OMEGALABEL® Temperature Monitors
Button Series, Models BU-(*)
CA150 Handheld Calibrator Multi-Functional
CA71 Calibrador compacto multifunción
Calibradores Product Finder Buscador de calibradores
Instrument Cases Carrying Cases
CCT Series Economical DIN Rail Signal Conditioners
CF-000-RTD, BT-000-RTD, CF-090-RTD and BT-090-RTD Extruder RTD Probes, Compression Fitting and Bayonet Styles
CF Series Thermocouples for Extruders - Compression Style with Stainless Steel Cable
CFTF Series Extruder Thin Film RTD Probes with Compression Fittings
Thermocouple Heads and Terminal Blocks (NB and CH Series) Terminal Blocks for Connection Heads
CH62, CH63, CH64 Round Terminal Blocks
Serie CL-780A Calibradores de bloque seco.
CL120 and CL134 Series Block Calibrator with Simultaneous Heating and Cooling. "Universal Jaw" Accepts Irregularly Shaped Sensors
CL1201 Calibrador de bloque seco para alta temperatura
Serie CL100 Calibradores portátiles de termopar y proceso
CL130 Thermocouple Calibrator
CL28MA Milliamp Calibrator
CL3001 Calibrador de laboratorio
CL309A Milliamp Loop Calibrator
CL310 Calibrador multifuncional de documentación
Portátil y de alta precisión
CL3512A Calibrador y termómetro, portátil y económico. Tipo J/K/T/E
CL3515R Termómetro simulador de termopar portátil {USB}{RS232}{WINXP}
CL-355A Calibrador portátil de temperatura compacto.
CL427 Series Portable Multifunction Calibrator
CL510A Series RTD Simulators
CL514-PLUS Automated Universal RTD Calibrator
CL515-PLUS Universal RTD Calibrator
CL540ZA Thermocouple Simulator
CL541-PLUS Automated Thermocouple Calibrator
CL542-PLUS Universal Thermocouple Calibrator
CL543B Thermocouple and RTD Calibrator
CL601K OMEGA SCIENTIFIC™ Calibration Simulators - Low Cost
CL940 Industrial Thermocouple Calibrator
CN132 1/32 DIN Autotune Temperature/Process Dual Setpoint Controllers
CN142 Series Controlador universal de temperatura y proceso
CN1A Series 1/16 DIN On-Off LCD Temperature Controllers with Dual Outputs. Models: CN1A-TC, CN1A-RTD
CN2120 1/4 DIN Ramp/Soak Controller
CN243-R1-F2 1/16 DIN Temperature Process Controller Including Thermistor Inputs
CN245 Controlador universal de proceso y temperatura de montaje DIN
Serie CN38S Controlador de temperatura con teclado táctil
Serie CN4000 Controladores de temperatura/proceso de 1⁄16, ⅛, y ¼ DIN con Fuzzy Logic
Serie CN616 Controladores de temperatura PID económicos de ¼ DIN de 6 entradas
CN6221 Series 1/16 DIN Limit Controller
CN63100 Series 1/16 DIN Autotune Temperature Controllers
CN63200 and CN63400 Series 1/16 DIN Autotune Temperature and Process Controllers
CN63300 Series 1/16 DIN Process Controllers
CN63500 Series 1/16 DIN High/Low Limit Controller
CN7-485-USB-1 RS-485 to USB Converter
Serie CN700 Regulador de límite con zumbador audible
CN710 Series 1/8 DIN Vertical Temperature Controllers
CN7200 Series 1/4 DIN Ramp/Soak Temperature/Process Controllers
CN72000 Series Temperature/Process Controllers with Fuzzy Logic
CN730 Series 1/4 DIN Temperature Controllers
Serie CN740 Controladores PID de temperatura
CN7400 Series Temperature/Process Limit Controllers 1/16 Din
CN74000 Series 1/32 DIN Ramp/Soak Controllers
Serie CN7500 Controlador PID de temperatura y proceso
CN7600 Series 1/8 DIN Vertical Ramp/Soak Temperature/Process Controllers
Serie CN7800 Controlador de temperatura y proceso{RS485}
Serie CN78000 Reguladores de proceso/temperatura de 1⁄16 DIN
con Fuzzy Logic
CN79000 Series 1/32 DIN Dual-Zone Controllers
CN8100 Series 1/4 DIN, PID, On/Off, or Limit Controllers
CN8201 Series 1/16 Din Universal Temperature & Process Controllers with 8 Segment Ramp/Soak Capability
CN8240 and CN8260 Series 1/8 DIN Verttical and 1/4 DIN Universal Input Temperature/Process Controllers
CN8541TC-R1 Universal Temperature/Process Controllers
CN8501 and CN8502 1/16 DIN Temperature/Process Controllers
CN8590 Series Process Controllers
CN8-SW CN8-SW Free Software for CN8200, CN8240 andCN8260 Series Controllers
CN9-16-MB and CN9-32-MB Mounting Brackets For 1/16 or 1/32 DIN Instruments
CN9-SW Cloning, Logging and Charting Software that Supports CN9300. CN9400 & CN9500 with Communications Options
CN9000A Series 1/16 DIN Autotune PID/On-Off Controllers with Modular Output Options
CN9300, CN9400, CN9500 and CN9600 Series 1/32 & 1/16 DIN Temperature/Process Autotune Controllers
CN9600 Series 1/16 DIN Temperature/Process Autotune Multi Ramp and Soak Controllers
CND3-SERIES Temperature Controller
Serie CNi-AL
Regulador de límites de temperatura/proceso
Serie CNi Controladores de la iSerie DIN 1/32, 1/16 y 1/8 para temperatura y proceso {RS485}{RS232}
Serie CNi16 Controlador PID para proceso y temperatura
Serie CNi32 Controladores PID de tensión, proceso y temperatura
Serie CNi8 Controlador PID de tensión, proceso y temperatura de ⅛ DIN
Serie CNi8C Reguladores PID de tensión, proceso y temperatura de 1/8 DIN con carcasa ultra compacta
Serie CNi8C-EN Controlador-indicador de temperatura, procesos y tensión, para montaje en pared
Serie CNi8D Reguladores PID de tensión, proceso y temperatura de 1/8 DIN con pantalla doble
CNP6 and CNP8 Temperature Controllers and Indicators For Plastics Extrusion Applications
PT-Demo Platinum Series Demonstrator
CNPt_Series Serie PLATINUM de controladores de temperatura, proceso y célula o puente de carga
Serie CO Termopar de superficie fijación con cemento
CP, DPP, RHS,RHP,RS Series Panel Punches and Hole Saws for Thermocouple Connectors, DIN Size Controllers and Panel Meters
Pinzas crimpadoras Pinzas crimpadoras
CS8DPT Universal Benchtop Digital Controllers With Optional Embedded Ethernet Connectiv
CT-100 Series Spring Wound, Self Powered, CHART-TEMP, Temperature Recorders, 1 or 24 Hour & 7 Day
Serie CT5100 Registradores circulares de 1 o 2 canales
CT6100 Series Circular Chart Recorders
Serie CT7000 Registradores circulares
CT7310, CT7311, CT7312 Economical 2-Pen Circular Process Recorder
CT8100 Series 1 or 2 Channel, Circular Chart Recorder with Programmable Inputs
CT82 Series Dual Temperature Chart Recorders, 6 inch (152mm), with High & Low Alarms
Serie CT87 Registrador de gráfico circular
CT87V and CT87E Series Voltage, Current and Event Circular Chart Recorders
CT87P CT87P Pressure Recorders
Serie CT88 Registrador gráfico circular de temperatura de bajo coste con o sin pantalla y sensor integrado.
Series CT89 Registrador circular de temperatura con pen
CT9000 Series Circular Chart Recorders, Microprocesser-Based
Serie CTH89 Registradores de gráfico circulares, registradores de temperatura, humedad, punto de condensación
CY670 Series Cryogenic Temperature Sensors - Silicon Diodes
CY7 Series Cryogenic Temperature Silicon Diode Sensors
CYC320 Series Cryogenic Autotune Temperature Controllers
CYC325 Dual Channel Autotune Temperature Controllers
CYD211, CYD218E, and CYD218S Cryogenic Digital Thermometers
CYTX231 Series Cryogenic Temperature Transmitters for CY7 Series Diode Sensor & Platinum RTD Elements
Serie DP18 Indicadores económicos 1/8 DIN para temperatura, proceso o mediciones eléctricas
DP20 1/8 DIN Panel Meter, Multi-Function
Serie DP25B Indicador de tensión y proceso con alarmas
DP25B-E Indicador de panel para proceso con pantalla grande de 3 colores
DP25B-S Indicador de panel para entrada de célula o puente de carga
Serie DP25B Medidores de tensión, de proceso y de temperatura de ⅛ DIN. Con relés opcionales y salida analógica
DP400TP Graphical Display High Speed Panel Meter for Temperature and Process Application
DP41 Indicadores de 6 dígitos 1/8 DIN
DP600A Universal 6/12 Zone � DIN Panel Meter
DP6060 Series 1/8 DIN Dual Input Process Panel Meter
DP63000 Digital Panel Meters For Temperature, Process, Voltage and Current
DP63200-RTD 1/8 DIN Digital Panel RTD Meters
DP63300-TC 1/8 DIN Digital Panel Thermocouple Meters
DP63400-T 1/8 DIN Digital Panel Temperature Meters For Thermocouple and RTD Inputs
DP63500-T 1/8 DIN Digital Panel Temperature Meters For Thermocouple and RTD Inputs
DP63600-DC 1/8 DIN Digital Panel Meters For DC Voltage and Current Inputs
DP63700-AC 1/8 DIN Digital Panel Meters For AC True RMS Voltage and Current
DP63800-E 1/8 DIN Digital Panel Meters For Process Inputs
Serie DP7000 Indicador económico de temperatura con salida de control de alarma
DP7800 Dual Input Process Meters with Math Functions
DP8891 Waterproof Digital Thermometer with Probe
DP9601 Series High Accuracy Digital RTD Thermometer & Data Logger
DP9602 Series High Accuracy Digital Pt100 & Thermocouple Thermometer / Data Logger
DP9800 Series 8-Channel Benchtop Digital Thermometer Data Logger
DPC10 Series Mini Counters
DPF11,DPF12 Batch Controller
DPF20 Panel Meter for Frequency, Rate, Total or Period Counter, 6-Digit, ⅛ DIN
DPF300 Series Economical 4-20 mA Loop-Powered Indicator
DPF60 Series Analogue Input Ratemeter/Totaliser
Serie DPF701 Medidor de caudal de ⅛ DIN y 6 ­dígitos/totalizadores
DPF75 Ratemeters, Totalizers and Batch Controllers for Frequency Inputs
DPF80 Dual Ratemeter/Totalizer
Serie DPi-AL Indicadores de temperatura/ proceso con salidas de alarma
Serie DPi Medidores de temperatura, proceso y tensión
DPi32 Indicadores i-Series 1/32 DIN para temperatura y proceso{RS485}{RS232}
Indicadores i-Series 1/8 DIN Indicadores ultra compactos i-Series 1/16 DIN para temperatura y proceso{RS485}{RS232}
DPM35A & DP35 1/32 & 1/8 DIN Process Indicators
Series DP32Pt, DP16Pt y DP8Pt Medidores de panel digitales
El medidor lider en el mercado, es ahora también el más facil de usar
DR130 Series 20 Channel Recorder
DR231 and DR241 Series 10,20, or 30 Input Hybrid Records, T/C, RTD, Voltage Inputs
Serie DRF Acondicionadores de señales de montaje configurables en rieles DIN
Serie DRG-SC Acondicionador de señal de montaje sobre riel DIN
DRI-AC AC Powered AC Input DIN Rail Signal Conditioner
DRI-DC AC Powered DC Input DIN Rail Signal Conditioner
DRI-DC-LA AC Powered DC Input DIN Rail Limit Alarm
DRI-FR AC Powered Frequency Input DIN Rail Signal Conditioner
DRI-LPI_ Input Loop Powered DIN Rail Multi-Channel Isolators
DRI-LPO-Series Output Loop Powered DIN Rail Multi-Channel Isolators
DRI-PT AC Powered Potentiometer Input DIN Rail Signal Conditioner
DRI-SP-AC AC Powered DC Input DIN Rail Signal Splitter
DRI-SP-DC DC Powered DIN Rail 4 to 20 mA Signal Splitter
DRI-U_SERIES Universal Input DIN Rail Signal Conditioner
DRSL-DC1 Isolated DIN Rail Repeater
DRSL-DC2 Isolated DIN Rail Signal Conditioner
DRSL-DC3 Isolated DIN Rail Signal Conditioner
DRSL-DC4 Bipolar Isolated DIN Rail Signal Conditioner for Process Signals
DRSL-LPI_Series DIN Rail Input Loop-Powered Isolators
DRSL-LPO_Series DIN Rail 2-Wire Transmitter Isolators
DRSL-RTD-LP RTD Input Non-Isolated DIN Rail Loop-Powered Signal Conditioner
DRSL-RTD_Series RTD Input DIN Rail Signal Conditioners
DRSL-SP1 Isolated DIN Rail Repeater/Splitter for Current Signals
DRSL-SP2 Isolated DIN Rail Signal Conditioner/Splitter for Process Signals
DRSL-SP3 Bipolar Isolated DIN Rail Signal Conditioner/Splitter for Process Signals
DRSL-TC_Series Thermocouple Input DIN Rail Signal Conditioners
DRSL-TEMP Isolated DIN Rail Loop-Powered Temperature Signal Conditioner
DRSL-U Isolated Universal Input DIN Rail Signal Conditioner
DRST-AC Din Rail AC Transmitter
DRST-FR Programmable Converter
DRST-UN Universal Programmable Signal Transmitter. DIN Rail compatible.
DRST-UR Universal Signal Transmitter with 2 Relay Output
Serie DRTB-2 Bloques de terminales de termopar, montaje en riel DIN
DRTB-Rail Series DIN Rails, Standard and Pre-Cut Lengths
DTC-(*) 4-Prong Dual Circuit Standard Connectors
DTG-RTD100 Series Termómetro RTD digital con carcasa de acero inoxidable 316
EI1510101/RTD Probe PFA Coated RTD Probes
Serie ETF012 Higrotermo electrónico
EWSA Rugged, Weatherproof, Wall Mounted Temperature Sensor
Serie EWSE Sensor de temperatura para montaje en pared. Resistente a la intemperie
EXGG-2CU_3CU_WIRE Cable pt100 de extensión para RTD's y termistores
EXGG-B, EXTT-B, EXPP-B y EXFF-B Cable de calidad extensión para termpoares tipo B
EXGG-G Cable de calidad extensión para termpoares tipo G
EXGG-J, EXTT-J, EXPP-J y EXFF-J Cable de extensión de termopar tipo J
EXGG-K, EXTT-K, EXPP-K y EXFF-K Cable de calidad extensión para termpoares tipo K
EXGG-RS, EXTT-RS, EXPP-RS y EXFF-RS Cable de calidad extensión para termpoares tipo R y S
EXPP-K-(*)-TWSH-UL Twisted Shielded UL Listed Extension Grade Thermocouple Wire
EXPP-K-(*)-UL UL Listed Extension Grade Thermocouple Wire
EXPP-(*)-TCB Thermocouple Extension Wire with Polyvinyl Coated Wire and Tinned Copper Overbraid
EXTT-E, EXPP-E y EXFF-E Cable de calidad extensión para termpoares tipo E
EXTT-(*)-SB Thermocouple Extension Wire with PFA-Coated Wire with 304SS Overbraid
EXTT-T, EXPP-T y EXFF-T Cable de calidad extensión para termpoares tipo T
EXXC-C, EXXT-C, EXXL-C y EXGG-C Cable de calidad extensión para termpoares tipo C
Serie F2020 Elementos de Platino RTD. Pt100 y Pt1000 ohm, 2 x 2 mm
Elementos RTD DIN de clase "A"
Serie FBGS fundas/camisas de fibra de vidrio Fundas/camisas de fibra de vidrio para alta temperatura y aplicaciones abrasivas
FFB-8 Series Temperature Calibrator - Precision Fluidized Bath for Probes
FFB50 Industrial Cleaning/Fluidized Baths
FGT100_200 Series
PR-11, PR-13, PR-16, and PR-17 Series Fine, 1.5 mm Diameter Pt100 and Pt1000 RTD Probes
Cable termopar aislado duplex
FOB100 Series Fiber Optic Thermometer
FOH201 Handheld Fiber Optic Meter
FSB Series Fluidized Sand Bath Calibrators
Series FT011 y FTD011 Termostato a prueba de manipulaciones
FTWF Vainas fabricadas con prensaestopas de comprensión
XT-NN Fuel Cell Interconnect Wire, High Temperature Insulation
G Series DialTempTM, Bi-Metal Stem Thermometers, 1.73" Head
Series GG-TI, TG-TI, TT-TI, FF-TI, PR-TI Cable termopar tipo T aislado
Serie G(*)MQSS Sondas termopar para ruido bajo con conector Mini
Seria G(*)QIN and G(*)QSS Sondas termopar para ruido bajo con conector estándar
GL and HL Series All Stainless Steel Bi-Metal Stem Thermometers, 1.73" and 2.37" Head
GMH3710 und GMH3750
GMP Series Popular Low Noise Miniature Connectors
GST Very Popular Low Noise Round Prong, Standard Size Connectors
GT-736000 Series Low Cost Glass Thermometers
ASTM Like Thermometers
GTA-(*) Accessories for Glass Thermometers - Open Face Armor Case
H Series DialTempTM, Bi-Metal Stem Thermometers, 2.37" Head
Indicadores manuales Product Finder Buscador de indicadores manuales - Temperatura, humedad, pH, conductividad, voltaje, corriente, caudal, presión y muchos mas
HC Series Economical, Reversible, Humidity Indicating Cards
Serie HCTB-3000/ RCTB-3000 Baños de circulación de temperatura constante
Serie HFS Sensores de película fina de flujo de calor
HG(*)MQIN and HG(*)MQSS Series Low Noise Thermocouple Probes with High Temperature Miniature Connectors
HG(*)QIN and HG(*)QSS Series Low Noise Thermocouple Probes with High Temperature Standard Size Connectors
HGMP Series High Temperature Low Noise Miniature Connectors
HGST Series Very High Performance, Low Noise, High Temperature Standard Size Connectors
HH-21A Termómetros digitales, modelos de entrada simple y doble
HH-25U Single J/K/T Input Thermocouple Thermometer
HH-DM Electronic Distance Measurement Tool
HH-USD Series Handheld for Temperature, Humidity and Flow
HH11B/HH12B Termómetro digital económico, modelos de entrada única o dual con entrada de termopar tipo K
HH1304P Printing Handheld Thermometer
HH1384 Data logger portátil para termopar o RTD con 4 entradas con interfaz USB
HH147U Termómetro registrador de datos manual con cuatro canales, interfaz con USB
HH20CAL Calibrator Module, J, K, T Thermocouple, plugs into HH20 series indicators
HH200A Handheld Digital Thermocouple Thermometer
HH20SW-J, HH20SW-K, HHSW-T Multiprobe Switchbox For Handheld Thermocouple Thermometers
HH303 OMEGAETTE® Thermocouple Thermometer{RS232}{USB}
HH306A Termómetro portátil con USB y RS232{USB}{RS232}{WINXP}{VISTA}
HH308 Mini Thermometer — Moderately Priced
Serie HH309A Termómetro registrador de datos con cuatro canales{USB}{RS232}{WIN7}
HH311 Medidor portátil de humedad y temperatura
Serie HH314A Data logger de temperatura y humedad portátil
HH370 PT100 RTD Handheld Thermometer
HH374 4-Channel Handheld Data Logger Thermometer
HH376 Precision RTD Handheld Data Logger Thermometer
Serie HH500 Termómetros digitales portátiles
HH500P OMEGAETTE® Temperature RS-232 Graphic Recorder{RS232}
HH501AS, HH501BS, HH501AR, HH501BR Handheld Digital Thermometers Type R and S Thermocouple,
Single and Dual Input
HH501DK 4-Channel Type-K Thermometer with Backlit Display
Series HH506A y HH506RA Registrador de datos de alta precisión. Entrada doble, termómetro manual con interfaz RS232C y software{USB}{RS232}{WINXP}
HH508 and HH509 Handheld Digital Thermometers
HH600A Series Water Resistant Handheld Thermocouple Meters
PTH-1XA Pocket Tester For Temperature and Relative Humidity
HH63 Series Stick Type Temperature Transducer and Thermometer
HH66U Handheld Thermocouple Thermometer with USB
HH67 and HH68K Low Cost Handheld Thermometers with Integral Probe
HH74K Handheld Thermometer with Magnet Hanger
Serie HH800 Termometros de termopares portátiles
Serie HH802 Termómetros para termopar J/K de alta precisión{USB}{WIRELESS}{WINXP}
Serie HH804 Termómetros RTD PT100 doble inalámbricos de alta precisión
Serie HH806 Registrador de datos y termómetros de alta precisión inalámbricos{USB}{WIRELESS}{WINXP}
HH81A & HH82A Series Rugged Handheld Digital Thermometers
HH80 Series Rugged HH80 Series Thermometer/Datalogger {RS232}{WINXP}
HH90 Termómetros digitales económicos
HHAQ-106 Handheld Psychrometer with Enthalpy Measurement
HHB1900 Pipe Inspection System
HHC200-Series Resistentes medidores ambientales portátiles para medir temperaturas. Entrada dual de termopares o portátiles de infrarrojos
HHC230-HHC250-Series Rugged Handheld Environmental Meters Air Flow/Humidity/RPM/Light Measurement
HHC260-Series Rugged Handheld Environmental Meters Air Flow/Humidity/RPM/Light Measurement
HHF11A Anemómetro con CFM/BTU/punto de rocio/temp/humedad
HHF144 Series Handheld Rotating Vane Anemometer, Temperature and Humidity Meter{USB}
HHF803 Metal Vane Anemometer
Serie HHF80 Anemómetro 4 en 1 - Anemómetro, higrómetro, fotómetro y termómetro
HHF91 Volume Indicating Thermo-Anemometer Kit
HHF92A Medidor digital portátil de flujo del aire/temperatura
HHG1392 EMF Tester with Data Logging
HHG1394 Electromagnetic Field Tester. 3-Axis, with Data Logging
HHG191 Magnetic Field Gauss Meter
HHLM-2, HHLM-1, HHLM-1MV Medidores de nivel de luz
HHLM112SD Handheld Light Meter With Data Logging SD Card
HHLM1337 Handheld Light Meter
HHLM3 and HHUVA1 Handheld Light and UVA Meter
HHM-380395 Series Digital High Voltage Insulation Tester
HHM-EX500 Series Industrial Multimeters Waterproof (IP67) for Heavy-Duty Use
HHM-EX542 Multímetro / registrador de datos con conexión inalámbrica a PC {WIRELESS}{WINXP}{VISTA}
HHM-EX623 Clamp Meter 400 A Dual Input with Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer and Voltage
HHM-EX830 1000A Clamp Meters with Infrared Thermometer
HHM-EX845 CAT IV 1000A Clamp Meter with Infrared Thermometer
HHM-GRT300 4-Wire Earth Ground Resistance Tester Kit
HHM-MA1500 1500A True RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter and Non-Contact Voltage
HHM-MA640 600 A True RMS Clamp Meters and Non-Contact Voltage
HHM-MN Series Digital Multimeters with Non-Contact Voltage Detection
HHM-NCV40 Non-Contact Voltage Detector with Adjustable Sensitivity
HHM-TL and TL Series Test Lead Set Accessories for DMM's
HHM10, HHM20 and HHM30 Series Low Cost Handheld DMMs
OMEGAETTE® HHM221 Mini Current Clamp Meter
HHM250 True RMS Clamp Meter
HHM29 Digital multimeter thermometer
HHM33, HHM34, HHM35 Low Cost Digital Multimeters
HHM59 DMM/Thermometer With AC Clamp Feature
HHM590 Series Clamp On Digital Multimeters for AC and DC Current
HHM60 Series Stick Type DMM/Thermometer, Easy to Hold, Lightweight
HHM63 and HHM64 Stick Type DMM/Thermometer
HHM65 Insulation Tester
HHM90 Series OMEGAETTE® Low Cost High Performance Multimeters
HHM9007R Medidor de termopares
HHM98P Clamp-on Power Meter
HHMI60 Series Insulation Tester
Series HHMM257 Medidor de humedad en materiales de construcción sin puntas
HHSL Sound Level Meter
HHSL-101 Digital Sound Level Data Logger
HHSL402SD Sound Meter with Data Logging SD Card
HHT12 Economical Non-Contact Pocket Optical Tachometer
HHT13 Contact/Non-Contact Pocket Laser Tachometer
HHT-1500 Handheld Digital Tachometer. Optional RS232 Comms and Software
HHT30R Digital Stroboscope
HHT41B Portable Digital Industrial Stroboscope
HHTFO-101 Portable Fiber Optic Data Logger Thermometer
HHUV254SD UVA, UVC Light Meter
Reference Guide Quick Reference Guide for High Temperature Measurement
Accesorios para conectores Accesorios para conectores. Para conectores de cerámica y de tres pines
H(*)MQIN and H(*)MQSS Series Quick Disconnect Thermocouple Probes with High Temperature Miniature Connectors
H(*)QIN and H(*)QSS Series Quick Disconnect Thermocouple Probes with High Temperature Standard Size Connectors
Serie HMPW/HFMPW Conectores en miniatura con núcleo de ferrita
HOS-MS420 Digital Oscilloscope 20 MHz 2-Channel
Series HPC Pines para conectores termopar
HPS-HT Series High Temperature Surface Thermocouple Probe with Handle and Retractable Cable. Model Numbers HPS-HT-(*)-12-SMP-M
HPS Series with Special Tips Integral Thermocouple Handle Probes with Custom Measurement Tips
HPS Standard Integral Handle Thermocouple Probes: General Purpose Design
Serie HSRTD Sensores RTD PFA sellados flexibles Para utilizar en entornos corrosivos y lugares estrechos
Serie HSTC Termopares aislados con punta herméticamente sellada
Serie HSTH-44000 Sensores de termistor flexibles herméticos con revestimiento de PFA
Series HSTW-(*)-F-FT y HFSTW-(*)-M Conectores estándar con núcleo de ferrita
HTGG-1NI Series Glass Insulated High Temperature Heater Hook-up Wire. 250°C
HTMG Series Mica-Glass Insulated Very High Temperature Heater Hook-up Wire. 450°C
HTRG-1CU Series Silicone Rubber Insulated High Temperature Heater Hook-up Wire. 200°C
HTTC36-(*) Series Low Cost Hollow Tube Thermocouple Probe
Serie HTTG Cable de conexión aislado de vidrio PFA para calentadores de alta temperatura
Humidity Measurement & Logging Product Finder It's the easiest way to sort through our selection of Humidity sensors & Instrumentation to find the right product for your application
Serie HW2800 Cable de conexión único conductor, aislamiento TFE
Serie HW3000 Cable de conexión único conductor, aislamiento PVC - UL 1007/1569, CSA TR-64
Head and Well Configurator Design head and well assemblies for thermocouples and RTDs
Serie HX15 Transmisor de temperatura/humedad para altas temperaturas
HX200 Dew Point/Humidity Transmitters
HX300 Series Humidity/Temperature Transmitters
HX400 Series Humidity/Temperature Transmitter
HX80A Series Environmental/Process Air Transmitters
HX80 Series Temperature, Humidity and Barometric/High Pressure Transmitters with Analogue and RS232 Outputs
Serie HX92B Transmisores de humedad relativa
Modelo de sonda remota, de montaje en conducto y de pared
HX93BC Transmisor de temperatura/humedad relativa
HX94B Relative Humidity/Ambient Temperature Transmitters
HYP5, SMP-NP, SMP-RT, SMP-AP, SMP-HT and 88000-RSC Quick Connect Surface Thermocouple Probes with Miniature Connectors, Retractable Cable and Utility Handle
Sondas hipodérmicas y mini hipodérmicas, elementos de termopar y RTD
Serie -IB, -SB and -TCB Sobretrenzado para cables termopar
Serie iBTHX y iBTX Transmisor de presión barométrica, temperatura y humedad
(*)IN and (*)SS Termopares de diámetro 1.5 a 6 mm con conector estándar.
(*)SS and (*)IN Dual Element 1.5 to 6mm Diameter MI Construction Dual Element Thermocouples Terminated with a Standard Size 4-pin Plug
Serie NHX Termopares de desconexión rápida para altas temperaturas, dimensiones estándar
Serie (*)SS con PFA Sondas con conectores estándar recubiertas de PFA
IDP 1/8 DIN Process Input Panel Meter
iDR Series iSeries DIN Rail Mount PID Controllers and Signal Conditioners{ethernet}{rs232}{rs485}
INFCP-B 1/8 DIN Panel Meter for Process Signals
IRCO-BWIRCO-BWSeries IRCO, CHAL, P13R, P10R BW Termopares de calibre reducido sin vaina metálica soldados a tope
Series IRCO, CHAL, P10R y P13R Termopares de calibre reducido sin vaina
iSD-TC Control de temperatura mediante web-Ethernet. Entra doble termopar
Serie iSD-TH Registrador ethernet de humedad y temperatura
Serie DPiTH Controladores de humedad y temperatura
ITHX-D3 Temperature and Humidity Ethernet Transmitter. DIN Rail Mount
Serie iTHX Registrador temperatura y humedad con Ethernet{ETHERNET}
iTHX-W3 Temperature and Humidity Ethernet Transmitter, Wall Mount
J and L Series DialTempTM, Bi-Metal Stem Thermometers Models J-(*) and L-(*), 3" and 5" Heads
Series (*)HIN & (*)HSS Sondas de termopar con mango. Vaina de acero inoxidable 304 o Inconel
Series MQSS Series Termopares de rápida desconexión con conectores miniatura
JP-(*)-F Panel Jacks for Standard Size Connectors
JPCB, TJPCB and RJPCB Jack Panel Standard Connector Conduit Boxes
Serie (*)QIN y (*)QSS Termopares de desconexión rápida con conectores estándar
xTSS-HH Series General Purpose Miniature Probes with Miniature Connector, JTSS-HH, KTSS-HH, ETSS-HH, TTSS-HH
DialTemp K-79 Series DialTempTM Thin Stem Pocket Thermometer
Seria KHXL y NHXL Sondas con mango, alta estabilidad SuperOMEGACLAD®XL
KIT Series Twelve Pack of Thermocouple Wire
KK-(*) Series Kapton Insulated Thermocouple Wire
Serie KMQXL y NMQXL Super OMEGACLAD™ XL Sondas de termopar
KQXL y NQXL Alta estabilidad, Sondas termopar de desconexión rápida SuperOMEGACLAD™XL
Serie KT011 Termostato pequeño
LAQ Líquidos indicadores de temperatura OMEGALAQ®
Serie LCS Lámina de plástico/película reversible de poliéster de cristal líquido Con reverse adhesivo
LDB-Series Large Displays for Temperature, Process, Rate, Total, Time and Serial Data. Panel or Wall Mount.
LDP1 Pantalla grandes de 4 o 6 dígitos, altura de 57 y 100 mm
LDP63000 Large Display Meter
Series LDP63100 Medidor con pantalla extra grande, para entradas de temperatura y proceso
Serie M12-FM Conectores de termopar compensados M12 para montaje en campo
Serie M12-HANDLE-A Mango para los sensors de temperature M12
M12-TC-SL Series Spring Loaded Thermocouple Sensors with M12 Connectors
Serie M12C Accesorios sanitarios. Conjuntos de cables Micro-CC para sondas, sensores y transmisores
Serie M12CFM-RTD Cables M12 con conectores montables en campo para sensores de resistencia (RTD)
Para requisitos especiales y adaptables en campo
Serie M12CFM-TC
Cables M12 con conectores montables en campo para termopares
Para requisitos especiales y adaptables de campo
M12CM-RTD High Temperature M12 Extension Cables
Serie M12M Sondas de termopar con conectores moldeados M12. Tamaños estándar y métricos
Serie de sondas M12 Sondas de termopar con roscas de montaje y conectores M12. Tamaños estándar
Series M8C y M12C Cable prolongador de termopar moldeado M8 y M12
M12TX M12 Temperature Transmitter with 100Ω RTD
Serie M12TX-PT100 Transmisor de temperatura M12 para 100Ω RTD
M12TXC Transmisores de RTD Pt100 compactos y programables M12
M12TXSS M12 Stainless Steel RTD Temperature Transmitters
Serie M8/M12 Conectores M8 y M12. Montables en campo. Para conexión a sensores y cables existentes
M8C M8C Extension Cables
Serie M8M Sondas de termopar con conectores moldeados M8. Tamaños estándar y métricos
Serie U-MAGNET Termopar de superficie con imán.
MBS Series Bezel Strip Mounting For SMP Connectors
MD Series Non-Reversible OMEGALABEL®Temperature Labels
"Micro-Dot" Series, Models MD-(*)
Indicadores de proceso y temperatura Product Finder Buscador de indicadores industriales
MFO and RCT Series AC Current Transformers for Ammeters (Low Voltage)
MFR0122 Mechanical Hygrostat
Serie MFT Conexiones interfaciales policonductoras. Tipo de compresión para sellado de alta temperatura
Serie MJP Panel de tomas. Con conectores miniatura con código de colores
Serie ML4C Etiquetas no reversibles de temperatura OMEGALABEL®
Serie MPJ Tomas de corriente miniatura de panel. Nailon reforzado con fibra de vidrio calificado para -29 a 180 °C (da -20 a 356 °F).
MPS11 Series Analog Melting Point Apparatus
MPS30 Series Melting Point Tester
MPS40 Series Melting Point Tester
Serie MSS Terminales a presión para montaje en tomas de corriente miniatura de panel MPJ
Serie MTC Contactos de termopar para conectores MTC
Serie MTC Conectores de termopar de pines múltiples
Modelo MTC con temperatura máxima de servicio de 200 °C (392 °F)
Series MTP Conectores miniatura de 3 clavijas. Para termopares, RTD y termistores de tres hilos. Nailon reforzado con fibra de vidrio de -29 a 180 °C (da -20 a 356 °F).
MTP Jack Panel Series Jack Panels for Mini 3-Prong ,3 Pole TC or RTD Connectors
MTR-1 Motor Rotation Indicator 2 Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise Motor Rotation
MWTC-NEMA Series IP65 Enclosure For MWTC Miniature Wireless Thermocouple Connectors
NB, HEPTX and NXT Series Thermocouple Heads, models NBN, NBS, NBG, NEP-T, NBB, HEPTX and NXT
NB Sanitary Series Connection Heads for Sanitary Applications
Series NB(*)-(**)SS-...-TBSL y NB(*)-(**)IN-...-TBSL Termopares industriales con cabeza protectora y resorte
NB Series Termopares industriales con aislamiento mineral con cabezal de protección y conexión de proceso
NB-CAXL y NB-NNXL Alta estabilidad, sondas industriales SuperOMEGACLAD®XL, cabezas industriales
NCRR Series Resistance Heating Ribbon Wire
NHJP Series High Temperature Jack Panels for Standard Size Ceramic Connectors
Series NHXH y NHX Conectores termopar cerámicos para temperaturas de -29 a 650 °C
NI60 Resistance Heating Wire, Nickel-Chromium Alloy, 60% Nickel/ 16% Chromium (Balance Iron)
NI80 Resistance Heating Wire, Nickel-Chromium Alloy, 80% Nickel/ 20% Chromium
NIC80 y NIC60 Cable enrollado de resistencia de aleación de níquel y cromo
NMP MiniatureThermocouple Connectors
NOX and UOX Series Ultra High Temperature Standard Size Thermocouple Connectors, With and Without Glaze That Can Contaminate High Vacuum
NXJP Series High Temperature Jack Panels for for Standard Size Ceramic Connectors
Seires OB-100 OB-200 y OT-200 Epoxis y pastas con conducción térmica
OMEGABOND PARA ALTA TEMPERATURA Cementos químicos de aire de alta temperatura OMEGABOND®
OMEGABOND® Air Set Cement Series High Temperature Cements, Models, OB-300, OB-400, OB-500,
OCS XL Series - Graphical Operator Control System PLC, HMI, I/O, networking and removable mass storage in a compact and affordable controller
OGP-(*) Extra Heavy Duty Standard Size Connectors with Solid Pins
OL-700 Series Linear Response Thermistor Probes with 3 metre Cable terminated in 3 stripped leads, Various Applications and Styles
OL-700-PP Series Series 700 Linear Response Laboratory Style Probes with 1/4" Jack Plug Connection.
OL-701 and OL-702 Series Precision Linear Thermistor Sensor
OL-703 Series Linear Immersion Thermistor Sensor Linear Immersion Thermistor Sensors Rugged Duty
OL-704 Series Glass Immersion Linear Thermistor Sensor Linear Tubular Glass Thermistor Sensors
OL-705 and OL-706 Series Linear Thermistor Air Temperature Sensors Linear Thermistor Sensors for Air Temperature Measurements
OL-708 Series "Banjo" Style Linear Thermistor Temperature Sensor Linear Banjo Thermistor Sensors for Surface and Immersion
OL-709 Series Linear Thermistor Surface Sensor Attachable Surface Linear Immersion Thermistor Sensors
OL-710 Series Threaded Fitting Immersion Linear Thermistor Sensors
OL-729 Series Small Surface Thermistor Sensors
OM-140-Series Registradores portátiles de datos de temperatura/humedad con interfaz USB
OM-2041 Handheld Data Logger with USB or RS232 Interface{USB}{RS232}{WINXP}
OM-21 Single Use Cold Chain PDF Temperature Data Logger
OM-21A-10PK 10 Pack One Time Use Data Logger
OM-22 and OM-24 Multi-Use PDF Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers
OM-62 Data logger de temperatura y humedad relativa, portátil y de bajo coste.
OM-63 Data logger de temperatura portátil y de bajo coste, parte de la familia NOMAD{VISTA}{WIN7}
OM-70 Series Portable Temperature/Humidity Data Loggers with Display
OM-90_Series Registradores de datos de temperatura y humedad portátiles
OM-CONV-SER RS-485 to RS-232 Interface Converter
OM-CONV-USB RS-232 to USB Interface Converter{USB}{RS232}{WINXP}{VISTA}
OM-CP-AVS140-1 Autoclave Validation Systems
OM-CP-BRIDGE101A-30MV, OM-CP-BRIDGE101A-150MV, OM-CP-BRIDGE101A-1000MV Bridge/Strain Gage Data Logger
OM-CP-CRYO-TEMP Ultra Low Temperature Data Logger
Serie OM-CP-EGGTEMP Huevos registradores de temperatura y humedad{USB}
OM-CP-ETR101A-KIT Thermocouple Temperature Data Logging System with Waterproof Enclosure and Remote Probe
OM-CP-HITEMP150 Extended Range Submersible Temperature Data Logger
OM-CP-HITEMP150-FP Extended Range Temperature Data Logger with Flexible Probe
OM-CP-HITEMP140 Data logger de temperatura para autoclaves
OM-CP-HITEMP140-FP High Temperature Data Logger With Flexible Probe
OM-CP-HITEMP140-FR High Temperature Data Logger With 50 mm (2") Fast Response Probe
OM-CP-HITEMP140-M12 High Temperature Data Logger With Built-In M12 Connector
OM-CP-HITEMP140-PT and OM-CP-HITEMP140-PT-TSK High Temperature Data Logger with 607 mm (24") Stainless Steel Flexible Probe with Optional Thermal Shield
OM-CP-HITEMP140X2-FP-72-PT-1 High Temperature Dual Channel Data Loggers With Two Remote Temperature Probes
OM-CP-HITEMP140X2-TD High Temperature Dual Channel Data Loggers
OM-CP-HITEMP150-PT and OM-CP-HITEMP150-PT-TSK Temperature Data Logger with 600 mm Stainless Steel Flexible Probe
OM-CP-IRTC101A Infrared Thermocouple Data Logger
OM-CP-LEVEL1000 Water Level and Temperature Data Logger with Automatic Atmospheric Pressure Compensation
OM-CP-LF101A-KIT Leaf Wetness Data Logger
OM-CP-LYOTEMP Lyophilization Temperature Data Logger
OM-CP-MICRORHTEMP Micro Relative Humidity & Temperature Data Logger
OM-CP-MICROTEMP Miniature Submersible Temperature Data Logger
OM-CP-MOTOR101A Series Machinery On/Off Data Logging System
OM-CP-OCTPRO Eight Channels Programmable Portable Data Logger
OM-CP-OCTRTD 8 Channel RTD Temperature Sensor Data Logger
OM-CP-OCTTEMP-A Data logger de temperatura con 8 canales para termopar. Parte de la familia NOMAD®
OM-CP-OCTTHERMOVAULT 8-Channel Oven Data Logger
OM-CP-PH101 Registrador de datos de pH y temperatura de la familia Nomad
OM-CP-PHTEMP2000 pH and Temperature Data Logger with LCD Display
OM-CP-PR140 High Temperature Pressure Data Logger
OM-CP-PRHTEMP101 and OM-CP-PRHTEMP110 Pressure, Temperature and Humidity Dataloggers
OM-CP-PRHTEMP101A Pressure, Humidity and Temperature Data Logger
OM-CP-PRHTEMP2000 Pressure, Humidity and Temperature Data Logger with LCD Display
OM-CP-PROCESS101 and OM-CP-PROCESS110 Process Current Data Loggers (+/- 100mA)
OM-CP-PRTC110 Differential Pressure and Thermocouple Data Logger
OM-CP-PRTC210 Series Thermocouple Temperature and Pressure Data Logger
OM-CP-PRTEMP1000 Pressure and Temperature Data Logger
OM-CP-QUADRTD Data logger de temperatura con 4 canales para RTD Pt100{USB}{RS232}{WINXP}{VISTA}
OM-CP-QUADTHERMOVAULT 4-Channel Oven Temperature Data Logger
OM-CP-RFOT Splash Proof Wireless Temperature Data Logger for the Food Processing Industry
OM-CP-RHTEMP1000 Humidity and Temperature Datalogger Part of the NOMAD®Family
OM-CP-RHTEMP1000IS, OM-CP-RHTEMP1000IS-SS Intrinsically Safe Humidity and Temperature Data Loggers
OM-CP-RHTEMP101A Data logger de temperatura y humedad{WINXP}{WIN7}{VISTA}{USB}
OM-CP-RTDTEMP101A Registrador de datos RTD
OM-CP-RTDTEMP2000 Precision RTD Temperature Data Logger
OM-CP-SHOCK101 Tri-Axial Shock Data Logger
OM-CP-SHOCK101-5-EB, OM-CP-SHOCK101-50-EB and OM-CP-SHOCK101-100-EB Tri-Axial Shock Data Logger with Extended Battery Life
OM-CP-SMR101A Soil Moisture Data Logger
OM-CP-SVR101 Spectral Vibration Data Logger
OM-CP-TC101A Data logger de temperatura ambiente y termopar. Parte de la familia NOMAD®
OM-CP-TCTEMP1000 Rugged, Submersible Thermocouple Recorder
OM-CP-TCTEMP2000 Thermocouple Temperature Data Logger with LCD Display
OM-CP-TEMP1000 Submersible Temperature Datalogger
Part of the NOMAD®Family
OM-CP-TEMP1000FP Rugged Temperature Data Logger with Flexible Probe
OM-CP-TEMP1000IS Intrinsically Safe Temperature Datalogger
OM-CP-TEMP1000P Temperature Datalogger with Integral Probe
Part of the NOMAD®Family
OM-CP-TEMP1000S Rugged Temperature Datalogger with 1" Integral Probe
OM-CP-TEMP101A Data logger de temperatura{WIRELESS}{WINXP}{WIN7}{VISTA}
OM-CP-THERMOVAULT Oven Temperature Data Logger
OM-CP-TRANSITEMP-EC-13 In-Transit Temperature Recorder – Part of the NOMAD® Family
OM-CP-ULT90-9 and OM-CP-ULT90-15 Ultra Low Freezer Temperature Validation System with 21 CFR Part 11 Secure Software
OM-CP-ULTRASHOCK101 Humidity, Temperature, Pressure and Tri-Axial Shock Data Logger
OM-CP-ULTRASHOCK-EB Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Tri-Axial Shock Data Logger
OM-CP-VOLT101 and OM-CP-VOLT110 Single Channel Voltage Dataloggers,
Part of the NOMAD® Family
OM-CP-VOLT101A Registrador de datos de voltaje{winxp}{vista}{win7}{usb}
OM-CP-WIND101A-KIT Wind Speed Data Logger
OM-DAQXL Datalogger con pantalla táctil y de 8 a 16 canales con entrada universal
OM-DVCV Registrador de datos de amperaje y tensión de corriente alterna con pantalla
OM-DVT4 Four Channel Temperature Data Logger with Display
OM-DVTH Data logger de temperatura y humedad{USB}{WINXP}{VISTA}{WIN7}
OM-EL Series Panel Mount and Portable Data Loggers
OM-EL-DATAPAD Programador portatil y recolector de datos para los registradores de la serie OM-EL-USB
OM-EL-ENVIROPAD-TC Handheld Data Logger Thermometer with Graphic Display
Serie OM-EL-GFX Data logger temperatura y humedad con pantalla gráfica
Serie OM-EL-USB Registradores de datos portátiles con interfaz USB
OM-EL-USB-1-LCD Data logger de temperatura con pantalla LCD
OM-EL-USB-1-PRO Registrador de datos de alta temperatura
OM-EL-USB-1-RCG Data logger de temperatura recargable
OM-EL-USB-2-LCD Data logger de temperatura y humedad con pantalla LCD
OM-EL-USB-5 Counter, Event and State Data Logger with USB Interface
OM-EL-USB-CO Carbon Monoxide Data Loggers with USB Interface
OM-EL-USB-LITE-5 Pack de 5 data loggers de temperatura USB
OM-EL-USB-TC Registrador de datos de termopar con interfaz USB
OM-EL-USB-TC-LCD Registrador de datos de termopar con pantalla LCD e interfaz USB
OM-EL-USB-TP-LCD Thermistor Probe Temperature Data Logger with LCD Display
OM-EL-WIFI-ALERT Audible and Visual Alarm for OM-EL-WIFI Series Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers
OM-EL-WIFI-TH y OM-EL-WIFI-TP Serie de registradores wifi
OM-HL-EH-TC 8 Channel Handheld Thermocouple Data Logger
OM-HL-SH Single Channel Temperature and Humidity Data Logger
OM-HL-SP Temperature only, or Temperature and Humidity USB Data Loggers
OM-MICROLITE-8 and OM-MICROLITE-16 Portable Data Logger with LCD Display{usb}{winxp}{vista}
OM-NOMAD-340-KIT Portable Temperature Datalogger with Backlit LCD Display
Part of the NOMAD Family
OM-PL Series Portable Low Cost Data loggers, Part of the Nomad® Family
OM-SGD-43-A 4.3" programmable smart graphics display
OM-SGD-SERIES Smart Graphics Displays
OM-SQ2010 Data logger portatil de 4/8 canales. Entradas universales y pantalla integrada
Serie OM-SQ2020 Data logger portátil 8/16 entradas{rs232}{USB}{WINXP}{VISTA}{win7}
Registrador de datos universal{RS232}{USB}{WINXP}{VISTA}{win7}
OM-THA2 Temperature-Humidity Logger
OM-USB-TC, OM-USB-TC-AI and OM-USB-5201 8-Channel Thermocouple/Voltage Input USB Data Acquisition Modules
OM-USB-TEMP, OM-USB-TEMP-AI and OM-USB-5203 8-Channel Temperature/Voltage Input USB Data Acquisition Modules
OM-VIB-101 3-Axis USB Vibration/Acceleration Data Logger
OM-WEB-TEMP Módulo de medición de temperatura con 8 canales y servidor web
OM5 Compact, Low Cost, Modular Signal Conditioners
Temperature Datalogger Moderately Priced Instruments. Ideal for Education,
Trainingand Demonstration Programs.
OMB-DAQ-2408 and OMB-DAQ-2408-2AO 24-Bit Multifunction USB Data Acquisition Modules for Temperature and Voltage Measurement
OMB-DAQ-TC-RACK 32-Channel USB/Ethernet Based Thermocouple Input Data Acquisition System
OMP-MODL Modular Portable Data Logging and Alarming System
OMTBV7-WTC, -WTF, -WTS DIN Rail Thermocouple and Sensor Terminal Blocks
OMYL-M32 Dual Channel Micro-Voltage Input Data Logger
OMYL-M61 y OMYL-M62 Registradores de luz
OMYL-M90 Temperature/Humidity Data Logger with 2 Universal External Inputs
OMYL-RH20_OMYL-RH20E Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers
OMYL-RH23_OMYL-RH23E Temperature, Humidity and Barometric Pressure Data Loggers
OMYL-RH25 Temperature/Humidity Data Logger with 2 External Inputs
OMYL-T10_OMYL-T10E Data logger de temperatura
OMYL-T11_OMYL-T12 Temperature Data Loggers with 1 or 2 External Inputs
OMYL-T15_OMYL-T16 Thermocouple Data Loggers
ON-400 Series Popular Precision Thermistor Probes for Laboratory Applications Models ON-40(*)-P
ON-401_ON-402 Series General Purpose Thermistor Sensors Precision Thermistor Sensors for Laboratory Applications
ON-403-PP Immersion Thermistor Sensor Tubular Thermistor Sensors for Immersion
ON-404-PP Tubular Glass Immersion Sensors Tubular Glass Thermistor Sensors
ON-405, ON-406, ON-905, and ON-906 Series Air Temperature Sensors Precision Thermistor Sensors for AirTemperature Measurements
ON-408-PP Elemento termistor tipo disco
ON-409 and ON-909 Series Surface Thermistor Temperature Sensors Precision Thermistor Sensors for Surface Temperature Measurements
ON-410-PP Tubular Thermistor Sensors for Immersion Temperature Measurements
ON-900 Series Precision Interchangeable Thermistors and Thermistor Probes Assemblies, Models ON-9(*)-4400(*)
Serie ON-901 Termistos robusto revestido de vinilo
ON-910 and ON-970 Series Immersion Thermistor Sensors With Threaded Mounting Fitting Immersion Thermistor Sensors with Threaded Mounting Fitting
ON-920TA Series Detachable Threaded Thermistor Probe Assembly Detachable Threaded Thermistor Probe Assembly
ON-930 Series "Flag Mount" Surface Mount Thermistor Sensor Flag-Mount Surface Mount Thermistor Sensor
ON-940 Series Encapsulated Thermistor Sensor Precision Thermistor Sensor for High-Humidity Environments
ON-950 Series Bolt Mount Thermistor Sensor Bolt Mount Thermistor Sensor
ON-960 Series Flange Mount Thermistor Sensor Sensor termistor de montaje con brida
Servidor OPC Licencia para el software servidor OPC{WINXP}{VISTA}{WIN7}
OPN, RA, & RB Series Temperature & Test Plugs, Adaptors and Bushings
ORX, ORA, ORM, TRX, TRA, TRM, FRX,FRA, and FRM Series Ceramic Thermocouple Insulators
OS-88000 and OS098000 Series Handheld Design Infrared Thermocouples with Roller, Swivel, and Right-Angle Styles
OS-FS OMEGAETTE® Termómetro infrarrojo de muy bajo coste
OS-MINI Series Sensor de temperatura por infrarrojos
OS-PC Infrared Temperature Sensor With High Speed Sensor, Small Measured Spot and Continuous LED Sighting
OS-VIR50 Termómetro infrarrojo tipo pistola digital con vídeo
OS1327D Infrared Thermometer with USB Interface
Series OS136 Sensor/termometro de temperatura infrarrojo
OS136A Miniature Low-Cost Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Sensor/Transmitter
Serie OS137 Sensor/transmisor de temperatura infrarrojo compacto
OS137A Sensor/transmisor de temperatura infrarrojo compacto
OS150-2USB Series Sensor de temperatura por infrarrojos configurable por PC
Series OS151-USB Transmisores compactos de temperatura sin-contacto
OS1592 Fast Response Infrared Fibre Optic Thermometer/Transmitter with Local Display and Analogue Output
OS210-150-300-800 Sensor de temperatura compacto sin contacto
OS210-C4 Series Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Sensor With RS485 MODBUS® RTU Interface
Serie OS212 Sensor de temperatura sin contacto compacto (La pantalla se vende por separado)
OS303 Food Service Infrared Thermometer with Penetration Probe
Serie OS36 Termopar infrarrojo
Serie OS36-01 Termopar infrarrojo de bajo coste con carcasa de plástico ABS
OS36-10-K Series Precision I/R Thermocouples
OS36-2 Series Compact Infrared Sensor and Air Purge Head
OS36-3 Series Rugged Infrared Thermocouple 17° (3:1) Field of View Integral Air Cool/Purge Head
OS36-3-K-1200F Rugged Infrared Non-Contact Temperature Sensor
OS36-3-RF Rugged Infrared Non-Contact Temperature Sensor
OS36-5 Series Compact Infrared Sensor with Integral Air Cool and Purge Head
OS36-APC Cooling Jacket Kit for OS36 and OS36-2 Infrared Thermocouples
OS36-GMK Gooseneck Mounting Kit for OS36 Series Infrared Thermocouples
Series OS36SM Termopares infrarrojos subminiatura. Mayor rendimiento, menor coste
Serie OS37/38-CF Termopares infrarrojos de rango ajustable y enfoque cerrado
OS37-CF & OS38-CF Series Close Focus Adjustable Range I/R Thermocouples
OS3753 Two-Colour and Single Colour Handheld Infrared Pyrometers
Serie OS423 Termómetro infrarrojo tipo pistola profesional económico
OS499 Series Termómetro infrarrojo tipo pistola dual con puntero laser
Series OS523E y OS524E Termómetro infrarrojo tipo pistola para altas temperaturas y de alto rendimiento
OS533E-DM Termómetro infrarrojo tipo pistola de alto rendimiento OMEGASCOPE®. Con muchas funciones. Nueva opción de medición de distancia disponible.
OS540 series Infrared Thermometer
OS542 Low Cost Infrared Thermometer
Serie OS550A Termómetro de infrarrojos industrial. Medición de temperatura sin contacto con pantalla integrada y salida analógica
OS550A-BB Series Industrial Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer/Transmitter OEM
Serie OS555A Termómetro industrial infrarrojo para alta temperatura
OS561 Low Cost Infrared Thermometer
OS643 Stick Type Infrared Pyrometers
OS65 Series Fixed Mount Industrial Infrared Sensors. OEM Style and NEMA Systems. Voltage, Current and Thermocouple Outputs
OS685 Pocket Infrared Thermometer {usb}
OS91 Digital Infrared Temperature Scanner with Automatic Emissivity Compensation
OSAT Sensor de temperatura por infrarrojos con seguridad intrínseca
Serie OSTW-CC Conectores con abrazadera de cables y tapas integradas. Conector tipo OSTW con tapa y abrazadera de cables
Series OSTW-SC, OSTW-CC, GST-SC, DX, XBRLK, SSRT, PCLM,SFCL, RSACL, SACL, SRB, SRBS Accesorios para conectores de tamaño estándar
Series OSTW-(*), HST-(*) and HSTW-(*) Conectores termopar estándar
Serie OSW, SW142, SW143 y SW144 Conmutadores selectores giratorios. Para circuitos de termopar, RTD y termistor
OSXL-101 Thermal Imager
OSXL-E Series Cámara termográfica compacta FLIR
OSXL-EX Series Cámara infrarroja compacta
OSXL-ASC Cámara de imagen térmica de montaje fijo
OSXL-T420 Series High Performance FLIR Infrared Camera
OSXL-T620 Thermal Imaging Camera
OSXL-TG165 Flir TG165 Infrared temperature camera
OSXL-TIC Series Thermal Imaging Camera
OSXL207 Termómetro infrarrojo tipo pistola sin contacto
OT-201-1/2, OT-201-2, OT-201-16, OT-201-32 OMEGATHERM™ Epoxis y pastas para altas temperaturas y térmicamente conductiva.
OTP Series 3-Prong Standard Size round pin Connector for Thermocouple, RTD and 3-Wire Thermistor
P-M and P-L Series Ultra Precise RTD Sensors for Industrial Applications
PCC-OST and PCC-SMP Conectores de placa de circuitos para termopar.
PCLM-FT, PCLM-SMP-FT, PCLM-SMP-RSC-FT, TAS-(*)-1-FT AND TAS-(*)-3-FT EMI Protection Hardware with Nickel-Zinc Ferrite Cores.
Includes Adapters and Cable Clamps for Standard and Miniature Connectors
PCM5 Pulse Control Module
PFA THERMOWELLS PFA Coated and Solid PFA Thermowells
PFT2NPT and PFT2CPL Economical Vacuum/Pressure Feedthroughs, Hermetic Face Seal
PFTFS Vacuum/Pressure Feedthroughs, Hermetic Face Seal
PHSEQ OMEGALUX® Phase Sequence Indicator
PIK & PUK Series DIN Rail Terminal Blocks Sensor and Multi-Level DIN Rail Terminal Blocks with Screw Connection. Ideal for 2-& 3-wire RTDs.
PP3, PP6, and PP10 Series Termopar multi-puntos
PR-10 Sondas RTD para uso general. Cables con revestimiento PFA para aplicaciones de laboratorio
PR-11 Sondas RTD provistas de transición
Serie PR-12 Sondas RTD de platino. Diseño industrial de longitud fija con dimensiones estándar y métrica
PR-12-RP Series Replacement Pt100 RTD Probes for Connection Head Assemblies
PR-13 Sondas Pt100 con conectores estándar y vainas con 3 o 6mm de diámetro.
PR-14A Industrial Pt100 Probes with Miniature Aluminium Protection Head
PR-15A Bloque terminal para sonda Pt100
Serie PR-16 Sondas RTD Pt100 con mango
Serie PR-17 Sondas RTD de platino
PR-18A Sonda industrial Pt100 con cabeza de aluminio
PR-19A Industrial Pt100 Probes with Sub-Miniature Aluminium Protection Head
Serie PR-20 Sonda RTD corta
Serie PR-21 Sensor RTD con conector M12 para aplicaciones de medición y pruebas y control de proceso
PR-21SL-M12 Series Spring Loaded RTD Sensors with M12 Connectors
Serie PR-22 Sondas de RDT con conectores M12 moldeados. Tamaño métrico y estándar
Serie PR-23 Sondas RDT con conectores M8 moldeados. Tamaño estándar y métrico
Serie PR-24 Sensores de temperatura RTD con conectores micro-DIN
PR-25AP series Air Temperature RTD Probe
Serie PR-25CU Sensor RTD de respuesta rápida con la punta de cobre. A prueba de vibraciones
PR-26 serie métrica Sondas RTD para vibraciones (PT100) con conectores M12.
Series PR-26 Sondas RTD (PT100) con conexiones M12 para vibraciones
Serie PR-31 Sondas RTD con conectores moldeados M12 para altas temperaturas
Tamaños estándar y métricos
PR-SL Series Spring Loaded Platinum RTD Probes With Connection Heads for Use in Thermowells
PRCTL Series Cut To Length RTD Sensor Probe For Field Adaptable Applications
PRCU Series Fast Response Copper Tip RTD Sensors 100 Ohm Class A DIN Platinum Element
Serie PRMAG Sensores RTD/Pt100 de montaje magnético
Serie PRS-S-NB9W Ensamblajes sanitarios de RTD, resistencia estándar con cabezal de protección
PRS-CB Series Hygienic RTD Sensors Hygienic Pt100 Sensors with Integral Cable. For use in CIP Clean-In-Place Applications
PRS-M12 Series Hygienic RTD Sensors 3-A Approved Hygienic RTD Sensor with M12 Connector for use in Sanitary or Hygienic Clean-In-Place (CIP) Applications
PRS-TW-NB9W Hygienic RTD Sensors Thermowell with Hygienic Tri-Clamp fitting and Removable Pt100 Sensor with Polypropylene Terminal Head
Serie PRS-TW-M12 Sonda RTD higiénica y sensor Pt100 4 hilos y conector M12
PRS Series Integral Plastic Handle RTD Probes
PRS-TMM12 Temperature Probe-Transmitter Assemblies 3-A Approved Hygienic Probes with Integral Transmitter and M12 Connector
PRX Series Quick Disconnect Handle Probes
PSDIN-41000R and PSDIN-42000B Series DIN Rail Mounting Linear Power Supplies
Series iDRN-PS-1000 y FAR-1 Fuentes de alimentación de proceso industriales
PST Series Thermocouple Wire Stripper for OMEGACLAD® Wire
PSU-24V Low Cost 24 V dc Process Power Supply
Sensor RTD con clavija macho roscada
PT100, CY82, CYW4 & CY100 Series Platinum Resistance Sensors, 4-Wire Stainless Steel Probes,
Extension Wire for CY7 Series, & Constant Power Supplies
PTB and PTSS Series Metal Protection Tubes
PTC-13 Panel Mount Programmable Timer 1/16 DIN IP65
PTC-14 Temporizador programable
PTC-15 Programmable Digital Timer with 5 Independent Relays
Temporizador programable
PTC-1A 1/16 DIN LCD Industrial Timer with 6 Programmable Time Ranges
PTC-20 Series Descatalogado
PTC900/PTC901 Series 1/8 DIN Panel-Mount Programmable Timer and Real-Time Clock
PTH-1XA Comprobadores de bolsillo para la temperatura y la humedad relativa
PTRA and PTRM Series Omegatite 350 and 450 Ceramic Thermocouple Protection Tubes
PTRS OMEGATITE 650® Protection Tubes
Alambres y cables para sensores y transductores
Q and QP Series DialTempTM, Bi-Metal Stem Thermometers Models Q-(*) and QP-(*), 1.16" Head
SICSS, SCASS, SCAXL, SNNXL, SCXSS, SCPSS Quick Disconnect Thermocouples with Removable Miniature Connectors
QD & HPS Series Special Tip Thermocouple Probes with Quick Disconnect or Integral Handles, ProbeTips for Penetration
RAT-QD Series Sondas de desconexión directa de platino y tubos de proteccion de cerámica
RAT-TJ Series Transition Joint Platinum Thermocouple Assemblies and Ceramic Protection Tube
RAT, SAT, and BAT Series High Temperature Thermocouple Assemblies Platinum Thermocouples and Ceramic Protection Tubes Model Numbers RAT-(*)-12, SAT-(*)-12, BAT-(*)-12
RD-87 Series Strip Chart Recorders
RD1000_RD2000_RD3000 Paperless Recorders
RD100B and RD1800B Series 100 and 180 mm Programmable Chart Recorders
RD200 and RD2800 Series Programmable Chart Recorders 100mm and 180 mm
RD288, and RD255 Multi Input Compact mV, mA, or Thermocouple Recorders
RD3057 Compact/Portable Single or Dual Channel Recorder, External or Battery Powered
RD3720 Series 1-4 Channel Flatbed Recorders, Accepts dc Voltage, Thermocouple, and RTD Inputs
RD45A & RD46A 200mm (8") Single and Dual Channel Flatbed Recorders, 14 Input Ranges from 1mV to 20Vdc
RD5100 Series Hybrid Chart Recorder, 250 mm (10")
Serie RD8250 Registrador sin papel con entradas universales
RD8300 Series Networkable Paperless Data Acquisition System
Serie RD8800 Registrador sin papel y sistema de adquisición de datos
RD8900 Series Paperless Recorder
RD9900 Series Paperless Recorder
Series RDXL4SD/RDXL12SD Termómetros data logger portátil para termopar
RDXL6SD Data logger de temperatura con seis canales portátil
RDXL8 Data logger de temperatura portátil con 8 canales de termopar
Registradores gráficos Product Finder Buscador de registradores gráficos
RECU, GECU y TECU Cables pt100 de extensión retractables RTD
REX011 Explosion-Proof Thermostat
RG-2500 Series Tipping Bucket Rain Gauges & Electric Rain Snow Gauge
RH-FGHS100 Series
RH1362P Printing Handheld RH/Temperature Meter
RH318 Handheld Hygro Thermometer Data Logger
RH32 Pocket Size Temperature/Humidity Handheld Data Logger
RH520 Series Grabador de gráfica sin papel de humedad y temperatura
RH62 Series Stick Type Rugged Thermohygrometer & Transducer
Serie RH80/90 Termohigrómetros de precisión de respuesta rápida
Serie RH820 Medidor portátil de humedad/temperatura. Disponible con USB e interfaces inalámbricas{USB}{WINXP}{VISTA}
RH85 Higrómetro portátil. Medidor de humedad y temperatura
RH87 Medidor ambiental multifunción
RHB-1500 Series Portable Dew Point Monitor
RHB-CAC1S Series Compressed Air Dewpoint Monitor
RHCL-2 Calibrador de temperatura/humedad relativa portátil de gran precisión
RHCM-40 Series
RHCN-1 & RHCN-2 RH Controller with Probe, Panel Mount Design
RHCN-3 Relative Humidity Controller
Serie RHCN-7000 Controlador de humedad relativa on/off
RHXL3SD Data logger de temperatura y humedad portátil
Series RLC-50 Termómetros indicadores de temperatura reversibles (tiras de cristal líquido para múltiples temperaturas)
RLC-60 Series Reversible Temperature Labels
RLC-70 Series Reversible Temperature Labels, Multi Temp Liquid Crystal Strips
RLC-80, RLCL, and RLCM Series Reversible Liquid Crystal Temperature Label, Models RLC-80-(*), RLCL-15/30, RLCM-15/30
RMJ-(*)-F and RSJ-(*)-F Standard and Miniature Size Panel Jacks, Mounts in 16mm Hole
RSC and RSCM Series Retractable Sensor Cables for Thermocouples, RTDs and Thermistors
RTD-(*)-1PT100K2515 1.5 dia x 25 mm Long Pt100 Elements with 1 m Cable
RTD-(*)-1PT100KN2528 2.8 dia x 25 mm Long Pt100 Elements with 1 m Cable
RTD-(*)-F3102 Elementos Pt100 4 x 2 mm con 1m de cable con 2, 3 o 4 conductores
RTD-(*)-F3105 Sensores RTD de respuesta rápida. Elemento RTD expuesto con hilos conductores aislados con fibra de vidrio
RTD-2 (Class B) 5-Pack Series Class B Pt100 Sensors with Lead Wires (5-Pack)
Serie RTD-800 Sondas RTD de precisión para aplicaciones industriales y de laboratorio
RTD-800_ClassBRTD-800_ClassBRTD-800 Clase B Sensores de RTD (Clase B). En económicos paquetes de 3
Series RTD-805 + RTD-806 Sensores RTD de temperatura del aire
RTD-809 Sensores RTD encapsulados
RTD-810 RTD Sensors Fluid Immersion High-Accuracy
RTD-830 Sensores RTD Pt100 de superficie
RTD-850 Sensor de RTD/Pt100 con carcasa en miniatura. Construcción de montaje en perno para uso en espacios limitados
RTD-860 Precision RTD Probes for Lab Applications
RTD-870 and RTD-880 Industrial Pt100 RTD Probes for Air, Gas and Liquid Measurement
RTD-NPT RTD Pipe Plug Probe with NPT Fitting
RTDCAP Series Platinum RTD Capsules
RTDM12 Compact RTD Temperature Sensors
Sensores de temperatura RTD Product Finder Buscador de sensores de temperatura RTD
S Series Hygienic Thermowells Hygienic Thermowells
Paquete de 5 Serie SA1 Termopares de respuesta rápida con revestimiento autoadhesivo
Serie SA1-RTD Sonda RTD Pt100 de superficie
Serie SA1-RTD-B Paquete de 3 RTD para superficie, fácil de usar. Ofrece soluciones de medición de superficie flexibles
Serie SA1-TH-44000 Termistores de superficie autoadhesivos o montaje con cemento
SA1XL Sonda termopar de superficie
AA, BB, JJ and LL Bimetal Thermometers Hygienic Bimetal Thermometers
SDX-SET and HDX-SET Series Quick Disconnect Handle/Thermocouple Probe Sets with High Impact ABS or Rugged Aluminum Handles
SDX and HDX Handle Series Probe Handles with Retractable Cable
SERIES 260F and 385F Flanged Thermowells for 1/4 and 3/8 Inch Diameter Elements
SERIES 260H Heavy Duty Threaded Thermowell for 1/4 Inch Diameter Elements
SERIES 260HL Heavy Duty Threaded Thermowell for 1/4 Inch Diameter Elements
SERIES 260L Standard Threaded Thermowell for 1/4 Inch Diameter Elements
SERIES 260S Standard Threaded Thermowell for 1/4 Inch Diameter Elements
SERIES 260V and 385V Van Stone Thermowells for 1/4 and 3/8 Inch Diameter Elements
SERIES 260W Socket-Weld Design Thermowell for 1/4 Inch Diameter Elements
SERIES 385A and 260A General Purpose Test Wells and Limited Space Wells
SERIES 385H Heavy Duty Threaded Thermowell for 3/8 Inch Diameter Elements
SERIES 385HL Heavy Duty Threaded Thermowell for 3/8 Inch Diameter Elements
SERIES 385L Standard Threaded Thermowell for 3/8 Inch Diameter Elements
SERIES 385S Standard Threaded Thermowell for 3/8 Inch Diameter Elements
SERIES 385W Socket-Weld Design Thermowell for 3/8 Inch Diameter Elements
SERIES 445L Standard Threaded Thermowell for Industrial Glass Thermometers
SERIES 445S Standard Threaded Thermowell for Industrial Glass Thermometers
SERIES BSP, 7MM Standard Threaded Wells for Metric Elements
Series SH, DH, OV, FS, FBGS, TF Aislantes, anillos cerámico, PFA y mangas de fibra de vidrio
Serie SHX Conectores de termopar en miniatura para alta temperaturas. Tipo SHX y USHX con cuerpo de alúmina de alta pureza exclusivo de OMEGA, calificados de -29 a 650 ºC
SHXJP Series High Temperature Jack Panels for SHX Miniature Ceramic Connectors
Elementos duales Serie S(*)SS Termopares de construción MI con diametro entre 1.5 y 3.0mm con 2 conectores miniatura
SICSS-SHX Termopares de desconexión rápida para altas temperaturas
Serie SJP Panel de tomas universales con código de colores
Serie SL-PS de fuentes de alimentación Fuentes de alimentación, montaje de carriil DIN, de 10 a 100 watios para 5, 12, 24 & 48 VDC
SL025 Series Slimline Lamp with On/Off Switch and Motion Sensor
Cable termopar SLE Cable termopar SLE. límites especiales de error
SLK/SLF Series Spring Loaded Fittings for 1/4" Diameter Probes
Serie SM Conectores termopar tipo D, engastados a presión de bajo coste
Series SMP-SC, SMPW-CC, SWCL, MSRT, PCLM, SMACL, RMACL, MACL, RB-SMP, MRB,MRBS y BB-SMP Accesorios para conectores en miniatura
Serie SMPW-CC Conector termopar miniatura con abrazadera
Par básico HMPW/SMPW Conectores termopar miniatura
SP-HF-K Series High Temperature Foundry Thermocouple Probes
SP Series Heavy Duty Surface, Roller, General Purpose, Beaded Wire, Needle, and Surface Right Angle Styles. Model Numbers SP-RL, SP-GP, SP-BW, SP-EH, SP-RA, SP-SP
SPC Series Accesorios para medidores. Para los modelos DP41, DP24, DP25, DP26, DPF50, DPF400, DPF701, DPF5100, PTC41, DP116, DP119 e iSeries
SPC18 Splash-Proof Cover
SPHT Sonda termopar de superficie, económica para alta - temperatura
Series SPIR, SPCH,SPCI,SPAL,SPCP,SPOP,SPCC and SPON Alambre de termopar de diámetro fino
SPJ-(*)-F Snap-In Panel Sockets for Standard Size Thermocouple Plugs
Series SPPL, SP13RH, SP10RH, SP6RH, SP30RH Alambre de termopar de diámetro fino
Serie SPRTX-SS Conector/transmisor para sondas sanitarias Pt100 con conector M12. Cuerpo impermeable y cable integrado.
SRTD-1 and SRTD-2 Elementos RTD para medición de superficie
SS-(*) and INC-(*) Series Miniature and Standard Protection Tubes
SSR3PH Series THREE-PHASE SSR Vac Input / Vac Output. DIN Rail or Panel Mount
SSRDC100V Series Solid State Relays for Vdc Input/ Vdc Output
Serie SSRDIN660 Relés de estado sólido de montaje en rieles DIN de una y tres fases
SSRDIN Series DIN Rail Mount Solid State Relays
SSRLDUAL240 Series Dual Solid State Relays 25 and 40 Amp; Vdc Input/Vac Output
SSRINT660 Series INTELLIGENT SSR Vac Input / Vac Output. DIN Rail or Panel Mount
Serie SSRL Relés de Estado Sólido. Alta Fiabilidad, Entrada Vcc/Salida Vca, Entrada Vca/Salida Vca
Serie STC-100 Sensor de temperatura de superficie
STS-2X Módulo de medición de soldadura de Hierro con sensor
Serie XL-[*]-MO Cable con aislamiento mineral de baja deriva para utilizar en temperaturas de hasta 1.150 °C (2.102 °F). Super OMEGACLAD® XL de gran precisión, gran estabilidad y gran valor
SUR Series DialTempTM Surface Thermometers Dual Fahrenheit & Celsius Dials
Series B-P, B-J, B-K, B-T, B-N Conjunto ensamblado pt100 & termopar industrial con cabeza DIN Bindustriales
Serie P, J, K, T, N Sondas Pt100 & termopares para aplicaciones industriales o de laboratorio.
Serie T5R y T3R Termopares trenzados recubiertos de tungsteno-renio
TA3 and TA4 Miniature Connectors for Pt100 and Thermistor RTD Probes, Series "T"
TAC-386 Series Thermocouple to Analog Converter, Battery Powered
TAS-(*),CH62,CH63 and CH64 Series Transition Adaptors, Round Terminal Blocks and Accessory Hardware
Serie G1/4 Sonda termopar con rosca BSP macho
TC-(*)-NPT-G-36-DUAL and RTD-(*)-36-DUAL Series Dual Thermocouple or RTD Pipe Plug Probe with Threaded Fitting
Serie TC-(*)-NPT Sonda termopar para tuberias. Rosca 1/4 o 1/8 NPT
Serie TC-PVC y 5TC-PVC Termopar con punta revestida de epoxi, Tipos J, K, T y E
Código de colores Código de colores para termopares
TCL-650S, TCL-M165S-B, TCL-M255S-B, TCL-3M165E Dry Block Temperature Calibrators with options for Infrared, Surface and Micro-Bath Calibrations
TCS-H-CB-120 Hygienic Thermocouples Hygienic Thermocouple Sensor With Integral Cable
Sensores sanitarios TCS-H-NB9W Sensores sanitarios termopar "3-A Approved" con cabezal industrial de polipropileno IP68
TCV-CB Series Vacuum Thermocouple Sensors With KF Style Flanges and Integral Cables
TCV-M12 Series Vacuum Thermocouple Assemblies
TEC(*), REC(*) and GEC(*) Series Thermocouple Extension Cables with Molded Connectors
Controladores de temperatura y proceso Product Finder Buscador de controladores de temperatura y proceso
TERP, TEFE, SEFE and SERP Thermocouple Probes for Plastic Extruders - Stainless Steel Tips
TEX Series TEX Thermocouple Probes with Hastelloy Tips for PFA Extruders
TF-BK,TF-B, TF-R, TF-Y y TF-W Tubos de PFA protectores
TFAU and TFCH Gold and CHROMEGA® Thermocouples and Wire
TFD Thin Film Detector - Flat Pt100 Elements and Surface Probes
TFE(*) TFE Insulated with Fused TapeThermocouple Wire
Serie TF, TFIR,TFCH,TFCI,TFCC,TFCP,TFCY and TFAL Cable termopar aislado
Serie TH-10-44000 Sondas termistor para uso general
Serie TH-21 Sondas de termistor
Con conexiones M12
Serie TH-22 Sondas de termistor
Temperatura alta 200 °C (392 °F)Con conexiones M12
TH-44000 Series Fast Response Thermistor Sensors
44PP Series Pipe Plug Thermistor
Termopares Product Finder Buscador de termopares
THS-H-CB-120 Hygienic Thermistor Probes Hygienic Thermistor Sensors with Integral Cable. For Clean-In-Place Applications
THS-H-M12 Series 3-A Approved Thermistor Probes with M12 Connectors for Sanitary and Hygienic Applications
THS-H-NB9W Hygienic Thermistor Probe 3-A Approved Sanitary Thermistor Sensor with Polypropylene Connection Head
THX-400-H Series Utility Handle Thermistor Probe, Models THX-400-H-(*)
Quick Disconnect THX-400 Series Thermistor Probes Thermistor Probes Mating with Heav Duty HDX Handles and Standard Size Connectors
THX-700 Series Series 700 Thermistor Probes for Use with Heavy Duty Handle
Serie TJ-USB Sonda de termopar con junta de transición. Cuenta con interfaz USB y software gratuito para grabación y registro
TJ36-44004 Series Transition Joint Style Thermistor Probe, Models TJ36-44004-(*)
TJ36 ACL Series Autoclave Probe with Stainless Steel Transition Model Numbers TJ36-(*)-116G-(*)-ACL
TJ36-CC Series Termopar con junta de transición con cable de fibra de vidrio
Serie TJ Sondas con unión de transición resistentes
TJ36 Series Rugged Transition Joint Probe PFA Lead Wire
Serie TJ36-XCIB Sondas con unión de transición resistentes inconel® 600 trenzado sobre el cable de aislamiento de sílice con terminación de cables desnudos
TJ1-CAXL y TJ1-NNXL Sonda de tansición robusta de alta estabilidad con SuperOMEGACLAD®XL
TJC36 Series Sondas de transición compactas
TJFT72 Fine Tip Transition Joint Probe with Overbraided Cable
TJP Jack Panels with Color Coded 3 Prong Connectors
TK-1 and TK-2 Kit Probe and Sensor Kit with Heavy Duty Thermocouples and Miniature Connectors
Series TL-10 Etiquetas no reversibles de temperatura OMEGALABEL®
TL-3 Etiquetas no reversibles OMEGALABEL®, 3 rangos de temperatura
Serie TL-4 Etiquetas de temperatura no reversibles OMEGALABEL® . Serie TL-4
TL-5 Etiquetas no-reversibles OMEGALABEL®, 5 rangos de temperatura
TL-8 Indicadores de temperatura no reversibles OMEGALABEL® serie TL-8
TL-C Series Non-Reversible Labels, Four Dot, Models TL-C-(*)
TL-C5 Series Etiquetas de temperatura no reversible, cinco puntos
Serie TL-CC Etiquetas no reversibles para baja temperaturas
Serie TL-E Etiquetas de temperatura no reversible de 8 puntos
TL-F Series Non-Reversible Labels, Five Dot, Models TL-F-(*)
Etiquetas no reversibles
TL-T Series Non-Reversible Labels, Three Dot, Models TL-T-(*)
TL-TI Non-Reversible Temperature Labels Non-Reversible Temperature Label for use in Dishwashers and Other Wash & Hygienic Applications
BSJ, SL and TL Series Thermocouple Terminal Blocks, Barrier Strips, Thermocouple Spade Lugs and Terminal Lugs
Modelo TL-WELD Soldador para hilos y sondas termopar
T5R, T3R, TOR Butt-Welded Unsheathed Fine Gage Tungsten-Rhenium Microtemp Thermocouples
TPD30 Series Digital Thermometers Digital Stem Thermometers
TPJ-(*)-F Panel-Mount Sockets, 3-Pin, Standard Size, for Thermocouples and RTDs
Tri-Grip™ Tri-Grip™ Process Flange Size Guide
TRP Probes TRP Temperature Reference Probes for Thermocouple Calibration
TSDC-9000-16 Series Irreversible Temperature Recording Strips
TT-(*)-TWSH, FF-(*)-TWSH, EXPP-(*)-TWSH y EXFF-(*)-TWSH Cable de termopar trenzado y apantallado
TX03 2-Wire Loop Powered Display
TX12 Transmisor RTD Pt100 de montaje en cabezal
TX13 Transmisores de temperatura inteligentes
TX206TH Thermistor temperature Transmitter
TX94A-SS Temperature Transmitter RTD Temperature Transmitter - 316 Stainless Steel Construction
Serie TXDIN1600 Transmisor universal para carril DIN
TXDIN1600S Acondicionador de señal para célula de carga
TXDIN1600T Acondicionador de señal con montaje sobre carril DIN. RTD, termopar, resistencia, mV, sensor de silicio & entradas de alambre deslizantes
TXDIN1700 Acondicionador de señal para RTD, termopares, resistencia, tensión y corriente
TXDIN70 Transmisor de temperatura para DIN
UJP Thermocouple Connector Panels with Universal Sockets
Series UPJ Conectores de panel para termopares -29 a 180 °C
UST-(*)-F and USTW-(*)-F Universal Thermocouple Socket
UTC-USB Conector de termopar USB
UWRH-2 Transmisores inalámbricos de humedad relativa/temperatura{wireless}{USB}{WINXP}{VISTA}
UWRH-2-NEMA Transmisor inalámbrico de temperatura/humedad relativa
Serie UWRTD Sistema convertidor/conector de RTD a inalámbrico para sensores Pt100{wireless}{USB}{winxp}{vista}
Serie UWRTD-TW-NB9W Wireless/Transmisor Sonda Pt100 wireless/transmisor para su uso en aplicaciones higiénicas.
UWRTD-S-2 Wireless Pt100 Transmitter Transmisor inalámbrico RTD - Carcasa de polipropileno, ideal para exteriores o ambientes higiénicos o marinos{WIRELESS}
Serie UWTC Transmisor inalámbrico de termopar
Serie UWTC-NB9 Sonda RTD y termopar inalámbrica/ Conjuntos de transmisores para aplicaciones industriales{usb}{wireless}{winxp}{vista}
VA and GA Series Vapor and Gas Actuated Thermometers, Panel & Surface Mount
Serie VIP Sondas termopar, RTD y termistores para veterinaria. Sondas termopar, RTD y termistores para veterinaria.
(*)-PD Industrial Replacement Probes - Rigidly Mounted or Spring Loaded and Weld Pad Probes
WMS-20 Series Wind Monitoring Station with Analog Outputs
WMS-16 Modular Weather Station
Serie WT Montajes de termopar de disco "Bolt-On"
Serie WT Termopar de disco resistente de tipo blindado
W5W26, W3W25 Alambre de termopar de diámetro fino de tungsteno-renio para aplicaciones a altas temperaturas
X, XR, V, and VR Series DialTempTM, Bi-Metal Stem Thermometers
Serie XBTK Bloques terminales de termopares tipo K, J, E, T, R/S
XBUTT and XB3UK Series Double and Triple Terminal Blocks
Series XC Elementos termopares flexibles cubiertos Nextel® para alta temperatura
Serie HH-EI, GG-EI, XC-EI, XL-EI, XT-EI, XS-EI, TG-EI, TT-EI FF-EI Cable termopar tipo E aislado.
Series GG-JI, HH-JI, TG-JI, TT-JI, FF-JI, PR-JI, XC-JI, XL-JI, XT-JI, XS-JI Cable termopar tipo J aislado
Series GG-KI, HH-KI, TG-KI, TT-KI, FF-KI, PR-KI, XC-KI, XT-KI, XL-KI Cable termopar tipo K aislado
Series GG-NI, HH-NI, TG-NI, TT-NI, XC-NI, XL-NI, XT-NI, XS-NI Cable de termopar tipo N aislado
XC-(*), XS-(*), XT-(*) Alambre para alta temperatura con aislamiento Nextel® o de fibra con filamento de sílice
Serie XCIB Termopares con aislamiento de fibra de sílice y trenzado exterior Inconel® para altas temperaturas
XTA, XMO, XPA, XIN Sondas de termopar exóticas
ZR011 Series Dual Thermostat

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